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    Equal Rights for Magicians [AD] Tankle’s equipment repair. Is your sword dull? Is your armor less than protective? Tankle’s repair shop will fix your dull sword and damaged armor with a 60% success rate! Listen to this satisfied customer: Vesine, Tankle has been one of my best wine customers and when my pruning knife was dull he fixed it up right away. I take all my blades to Tankle. Tankle’s equipment repair, he’s got what it takes to break what you got! [/AD] Ace Jackson with an exciting news story. The Associated Mages Necromancers Underworlders, Thaumaturges & Sorcerers or AMNUTS guild is protesting the discrimination against those of the magic craft. They say that anti magic areas and incomplete magic schools have hampered their learning. Last year the AMNUTS were able to get the anti-magic area removed from Grubani. They are currently protesting outside the Irsis ranging arena and the Irinveron fighting arena. They say these areas are discriminatory against them. One person under condition of anonymity, fearing retribution had these words: “I was just kicking around rocks in Idaloran, I kicked a stone by a house next to the docks. I was teleported inside with my life being ripped from me every second. I couldn’t cast restore or any other magics. Thankfully I had a IP ring on me and I escaped. These anti-magic areas are deadly to the common man. They must be removed.” To make matters worse, The Summoners Occultist Wizards Hypnotics Astrologist & Thaumaturges or SOWHAT guild is counter protesting the AMNUTS. These two guilds have been fighting for years. Though they both agree that magic craft is being hampered, they refuse to work together on this issue. The AMNUTS feel that summoning is not a proper mage craft. While the SOWHAT’s say that it is. The SOWHAT guild, formerly OWHAT, added Summoning first to their guild name just to gall the AMNUTS. Though neither guild has ever openly attacked one another, the war of words continues. If only these to groups could come together for the common good. Ace Jackson out!
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  4. console text mode

    Sometimes and quite regular when i go into full text mode the pic flickers then grues me out of game. tried reloading game still same...is this a known bug/fixx?
  5. New creatures

    something i thought about adding to the raptors, the ability for them to self heal if disengaged from combat, not from a training point of view but in the situation where a player is mobbed by three of them, and they are forced to disengage, ( three multi should have the power to take down the highest players) that way disengaging has a disadvantage as you now lost the gain you made on them.
  6. Forum validation requests

    Is there any chance to have my account activated?
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  8. Unban request

    Welcome back to EL, you're now unlocked.
  9. Unban request

    RipTide, i heard you and understood. Sorry for personal attack, u just did ur job. With revi's corrections, this rule clear now for me. I understand and accept the consequences, if I break the rules again.
  10. Unban request

    And just to make the ranging situation crystal clear to anyone else reading this: Macroing is and will stay against the game rules. There is only one situation in which players are allowed to use a macro, and only when all of the following conditions are met: You are ranging in one of the ranging arenas (Grubani Peninsula or Irsis); You use an autoclicker to fire the arrows (only); You are constantly monitoring your character (no "I'll just get a cup of coffee while the macro runs"). That means that you must be able to reply to any local chat, PMs or mod PMs with only a short delay (within seconds, a minute is too long already). And no, you won't miss a mod PM (if you are not AFK, of course)
  11. Unban request

    I was the mod who locked you for illegal AFK macroing. I talked to you in local and MPM with no response, so you were booted and locked. You were not paying attention to this character. In fact, it took 20 mins before you pm'd me with an alt after the boot. At which point you began to berate me for everything from low player count to bad drops and the inquisition. You took no responsibility for your actions and in attacking me your 3 day lock suddenly turned into a 30 day lock. You could have played in February if you had bothered to ask to be unlocked. Besides, only that character was locked any of your alts still could have played. I will unlock Brabador, but only after I am clear that you understand that if this ever happens again you will receive either a permanent lock or radu will do some major level reductions. If you are clear on this I will unlock you. *Note to anyone reading this, verbally assaulting the moderator who caught you doing something wrong is not a good way to get out of trouble. A simple reprimand can turn into a serious lock and/or ban. Manning up and admitting you did wrong is the quickest way to get out of this predicament.
  12. Unban request

    1 - You are right, 4 months, my bad. 2 - As i know, In archer arena macroing is legal, but AFK macroing is illegal. My violation is "AFK training" during legal macroing.
  13. Unban request

    While I didn't ban you, I did notice a few things: 1- jan, 6 to may, 13 isn't 5 months, it's just a tad over 4; 2- You haven't been "5 months w/o EL", or the character that contacted us in-game was an imposter (and could be locked for impersonation); 2- this is at least the second time the Brabador character was locked for "afk training at archer arena" (or, in short, macroing...)
  14. Unban request

    Greetings. My main char Brabador was banned for afk training at archer arena 6 jan 2019. Can any mod say, this ban permanent? If not, please unban me, 5 months w/o EL enough punishment.
  15. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    lol first time i seen a post by stree i actually agree with
  16. Constructive Criticism of the Community

    WOW !!!!!!!
  17. Forum validation requests

  18. Constructive Criticism of the Community

    One of the reason many players are not in the Invasion Channel 6 is that it is a channel where you get flamed. The game has lots of nice helpful people, many of whom got burned by a few players who repeatably come back with new chars. The only way to get past that is to play your game talk with people in local chat, and start on this way your connections. One of the reasons why people ask new players if they are an alt, is that most new chars that get made are in one way or the other one and one reason people make them is to use the friendly players who would give new players advice and sometimes gifts. when you get burned there you stop eventually helping more and more. which is sadly somethign that happens here a lot
  19. Constructive Criticism of the Community

    Imagine the tragedy of living in a prison you built around yourself.
  20. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    I highly recommend you come over to the unofficial forum. We specialise in 'your type' over there.
  21. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    Ohh, you're right, never noticed, thanks
  22. Off-topic section?
  23. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    Well, I agree with this one. It's a good way for people to blow off some steam when they feel like doing so Would be cool to see people constantly posting something new so you can laugh, read, engage etc etc. But of course, all within the rules, without swearing and doing bad stuff.
  24. To begin with, I'll introduce myself, explain my experiences, and then give my ten cents on the community and why I believe many new players are likely to be turned off. Introduction and Experience I'm a guy who spent a literal full week trying to discover new mmorpgs that I would love to play, one that met all my requirements. The issue with this is that there are two spectrums I'm dealing with here. The first spectrum is what I'm looking for in the actual game being met and the second is how toxic the community is. The closer I get to finding everything I want, the more difficult it becomes to find a community that isn't toxic. The reason for this has to do with the nature of a kind of game I'd like, which is one that offers plenty of freedom to the players over their own characters progression, rewarding more intelligent players and rightfully punishing players who made bad choices as to correct the choices they've made or get mad and go play something else. The best game I'v found out of every single game on the market that gets remotely close to this, is none other than this game. I have plenty of experience with other games and communities, so I know exactly what happens in the long run of a community moderated game, especially one as small as this. My Ten Cents Immediately I was struck with two types of attacks on other players who use a form of dog whistling to attempt to attack new players. The first form is "falsely relation". By accusing me of being someone that use to play the game, it implies that the person who you're accusing me was either not liked to the point that they had to use a new alt just to replay the game or that they were banned from the game meaning they were someone who did things that weren't desirable. Think about this, do you really expect me if I was someone pretending to be someone else, to admit who I am if that was a true accusation you're making? Of course not, therefore not only would you be disrespecting my choices as someone who made a new character, but, you're also psychologically influencing the other players who hear you make the accusations to believe that I'm a bad person by default. This is a dog whistle toward newer players and an actual attack which causes hostility from newer players relative to older players. To give an example of this, as most of you who will call me a liar are also people who've never experienced any of this yourselves or who has brown nosed the community so much that they've been convinced otherwise while still not actually caring themselves, let me explain my action versus the reaction I'v gained from the community toward the behavior of falsely relating me to someone else. I decided to ignore people for one of three reasons in order to prevent being harassed by the community through a dog whistle tactic commonly used by small communities that have created a high concentration of people that live in a bubble. Falsely accusing me of being or possibly being someones alt Feigning ignorance toward a comment I'v made Outright told me to just quit the game since I don't like the community In a matter of three days in the invasion channel of the game, I'v put a total of twenty three players on my ignore list and the list seems to keep growing. I'm not going to list the players here as I believe that will be a sign of flaming. I actually realize one hundred percent that this thread will get flamed and trolled by people feigning ignorance and ignored themselves for breaking forum rules by staff who will "patiently" wait out of the fire to hold a double standard against me, as this is a theme I find very common in small communities like this. See, I play this game because I like the game itself, not because I like you. Socialization is a crucial part of the game and as such those who feign ignorance manage to, through prior dog whistling, convince others that I'm somehow the worse person in the world despite the fact that before I came here, I'm sure this community probably sorted through hundreds or thousands of new players who suffered similar treatments and from your perspective, "they're just all the same person" from your psychological stand point which was manipulated by members of the community. Don't get me started on scamming being allowed and the implications I can make from that (tricking people into breaking rules). I put twenty three players on my ignore list, not the other way around. Think about it. If I'm such a troll then what stops you from putting me on your ignore list? Why is it that every time I post a comment in game, people who aren't on my ignore list clearly are talking to someone on my ignore list followed by myself getting called a troll. I merely asked today if I should take the skeptic perk due to the nature of a lack of unpredictability it has. I was called by a moderator, a "troll" merely for asking this question. That same moderator will also come to this thread and try to convince others with very little effort, that out of all the 86,400 seconds in a day, you chose those few seconds to just randomly decide to say "don't feed the trolls" and somehow it's not insane to believe you were merely giving others advise at that moment. Why I'm Posting This Message Nine times out of ten in every game with this kind of community, it doesn't matter if I completely ironman mode the community or not. I will eventually have to be put under fire for merely deciding to play the game in a tightly nit community that has developed such an ego that they've blinded themselves from small things each other do and if you point this out to them, they have an identity crisis of sorts which they have to absolutely deny their behavior because they've been convinced they're not in the wrong. This eventually leads to newer players getting treated worse by staff. I have yet to have a bad "personal" run in with staff members which accuse me of doing something against the rules or to have a staff member tell me to shut up yet, but, I know it will happen eventually due to the fact this community has developed too much identity toward each other and expectations that come with those identities. I leave you with this last message. Don't hold double standards for trolling and flaming accusations and if you can't handle that, then consider removing trolling and flaming from the rules the way you remove scamming from the rules to prevent such controversy. That is all.
  25. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    Uh, no. If you want to spam just write private messages to yourself... I bet you might even be able to count to one hundred.
  26. The spam section of the forum should exist. Reason? Because there are some topics I'd love to bring up that no other section of the forum allows. An example of this would be the "last person to post in this thread is the winner" game or alternative topics that others won't allow to be posted in off topic because it has some relation to the game, but, can't be posted in general because it isn't related enough.
  27. Forum validation requests

    His Grace
  28. Needed an account to be approved

    "Your account needs to be approved before you can use the site as a registered member.An email will be sent to blackmanabar@gmail.com when this is done." Are you guys already trying to be condescending to me because I'm the newest member of the game? Am I about to find out why this game never gains any new members or something? Let me guess, the instructions are hiding in seven different sub forum post amirite?
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