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  2. this game needs a new start!

    As per radu, "the server is still working fine, there is no need for an update or restart."
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  4. this game needs a new start!

    i think this would be a fun idea. maybe even have the server so that shop items cannot be bought and used in. it would make the Market a lot better that way we dont have people buying shop items to sell on the market for gc, everythign would be NPC or character made. Another major change that made a lot of people quit was no drop maps, i would like to see no drop feature completely removed.
  5. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    That's good news, thanks for testing. I'll see if I can work out how to avoid that again.
  6. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    Oh right that works, my setting is at 0.15, never tried and changed that got used playing like this. Thanks though problem solved now
  7. this game needs a new start!

    Ok i will reply with better english( or a better translator) i have been playing EL for seven years on and off and seen many people come and go, and now the player base is very small and as most people have at least one alt i bet actual single IP address characters would be 30-50 so i have a slightly edited suggestion; a new iteration on a new server, create a new server that runs along side the current main game server that has a fresh start, new toons, empty storage and some other defined rules from the main (reinstate rule five for one thing) plenty of toon buying and broken economic would be solved. Many older players would return now there is a reason to play again
  8. Christmas contest! :)

    sounds like fun good luck everybody
  9. Christmas contest! :)

    Hello everyone It's that time of year again. Christmas holidays are coming soon and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible. Therefore we would like to make a HUGE contest happen, yet again. StouXy / STX is teaming up with DraStiX / Dragrace to bring you some fun Contest will run anywhere from 20th december - 23th december, 2019. ( More information will come as the date gets closer. ) The contest will start at about 7-8 GMT This contest will consist of 3 parts. 1. First off, we will do some hide'n'seek. You will have to find me ( STX ) or DraStiX in order to claim the prize. 2. Trivia contest. This will include both EL trivia and non EL trivia. We will decide on a place this will be held. Number of winners will be determined by number of prizes we receive as donations. 3. Hyper bag hunt. There will be 3 hyper bags placed throughout EL. We have decided to make this easier and so we know when bags are found to place them as treasures. Each player can win multiple prizes, so make sure to be online and be ready All donations will be posted here. Number of winners will be based on donations received. Prizes will be distributed according to...ummm, how we decide Each prize will be first announced, then given away, so you know what you are playing for If you would like to donate please contact STX/StouXy or DraStiX in game Hope you guys will enjoy! PRIZES SO FAR: Main prize donated by -PK- guild: XXX amount of gold coins- to be revealed at the end of the contest 1.Biker_boy – Will removal stone 2.Anonymous - 5 Oranges. 3.Anonymous - 1 Daily cooldown reducer / 2 Invasion tokens 4.NzWitch – 1 Antisocial removal/ 1 Banana / 1 Orange 5.Suzuki- 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Magic 6.Sekiro- 1 Day of summoners stone 7.Dragonlore- 1 Sun Tzu day stone 8.Dragonlore- 2EFE 9.Dragonlore- 10 Oranges 10.Dragonlore- 5 Invasion tokens
  10. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    I think Ben is working on that, see this thread. I do not have a mac I can use to help.
  11. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    Thanks, very useful. What's your Perspective value set to on the Camera tab of Options? I think the default is 0.4 but with lower values I can reproduce something like your problem. A recent change to the client lowered the maximum viewing distance for poor-man mode. I made this change because I found having that lower viewing distance made a really big improvement to FPS and the default is quite high. You can also up the viewing distance after switching to poor-man.
  12. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    Not sure how long the gif will work or if it is of any help but here you go https://gyazo.com/5263a16d25b8343439f84185ef8864ca
  13. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    Any word on a 64bit client for Mac users, i know there are quite a few out there who would love to update to the newest OSX but el does not work there
  14. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    @dragon_killer last we spoke, you were going to give more details of the issue with poor-man. That would still be useful including a screen shot if possible.
  15. New client update available 1.9.5.p4

    Hi bluap, I just donwloaded the new client, still have issues with poor man when it is on, will test the client for now and i'll post it in here in a few days if I see any major bug, thanks for the hard work, see you around
  16. HAYO! this is a great game, agreed, although imo it needs a complete wipe and fresh start! a new iteration could be just what is needed to breath new life inot some of the (way long dead) elements of EL
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  18. Storage Sale

    Selling some unused Items in storage: [09:28:29] Food: [09:28:29] 47785 Toadstool [09:28:29] 8723 Mead [09:28:29] 1903 Fruits [09:28:29] 76843 Vegetables [09:28:29] 19244 Wine Flowers: [09:29:00] 457 Black Rose [09:29:00] 33375 Blue Star Flower [09:29:00] 27308 Chrysanthemum [09:29:00] 5596 Red Snapdragons [09:29:00] 1 Yellow Rose [09:29:00] 34051 Red Rose [09:29:00] 5 Lilacs [09:29:00] 52497 Blue Lupine [09:29:00] 10900 Cactus [09:29:00] 47785 Toadstool [09:29:00] 4840 Tree Mushroom [09:29:00] 275 White Chanterelle [09:29:00] 5005 Ogre Toes [09:29:00] 3729 Daffodils [09:29:00] 17036 Mullein [09:29:00] 76838 Sunflower [09:29:00] 7206 Wheat [09:29:00] 5526 Dandelion [09:29:00] 21015 Swamp Candles [09:29:00] 50678 Tulips [09:29:00] 20957 Tiger Lilly [09:29:00] 49813 White Asiatic Lilly [09:29:00] 530 Wormwood [09:29:00] 15721 Mugwort [09:29:00] 37733 Valerian Ores: [09:29:53] 39552 Silver Ore [09:29:53] 36640 Iron Ore [09:29:53] 634 Honey Comb [09:29:53] 25700 Titanium Ore [09:29:53] 33582 Gold Ore Metals: [09:30:18] 3823 Silver Bar [09:30:18] 82 Gold Bar [09:30:18] 11 Steel Bar [09:30:18] 3680 Titanium Bar Minerals: [09:30:51] 15158 Rose Quartz [09:30:51] 1000 Turqoise [09:30:51] 22839 Sapphire [09:30:51] 3027 Sulfur [09:30:51] 23038 Diamond [09:30:51] 96034 Blue Quartz [09:30:51] 2432 Ruby [09:30:51] 39 Amber [09:30:51] 74657 Coal [09:30:51] 46054 Quartz [09:30:51] 662 Gypsum [09:31:31] Tools: [09:31:31] 2241 Gem Sanding Paper [09:31:31] 90 Gemstone hammer & chisel [09:31:31] 3 Arrow/bolt head mold [09:32:57] Weapons: [09:32:57] 4039 Wood Branches [09:32:57] 5 Bronze Sword [09:32:57] 1 Dragon Blade [09:32:57] 1512 Magic arrows [09:32:57] 111 Golden Star Mace [09:32:57] 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Fire Armor: [09:35:56] 7 Augmented Leather Pants [09:35:56] 1 Damaged Ice Dragon Cuisses [09:36:49] Magic: [09:36:49] 1 Sun Tzu Stone [09:36:49] 404 Little Blue Dragon Scale [09:36:49] 19655 Point Defense [09:36:49] 137 Ring of Disengagement [09:36:49] 5 Nexus transfer stone [09:36:49] 917 Treasure finder [09:36:49] 120 Pear finder [09:36:49] 1 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone [09:36:49] 28 Blue Dragon Scale [09:36:49] 3 Red Dragon Scale [09:36:49] 11 Black Dragon Scale [09:36:49] 1 Ring of Hydro [09:36:49] 14 Ring of Sedicolis [09:36:49] 1 Ring of SRM [09:36:49] 2 Ring of Kusamura [09:36:49] 30 Ring of Isle of the Forgotten [09:36:49] 39 Ring of Imbroglio Islands [09:36:49] 24 Ring of Idaloran [09:36:49] 10 Ring of Hurquin [09:36:49] 14 Ring of Emerald Valley [09:36:49] 18 Ring of Bethel [09:36:49] 25 Ring of Anitora [09:39:19] Essences: [09:39:19] 1 Enriched Life Essence [09:39:19] 45 Enriched Death Essence [09:40:16] Potions: [09:40:16] 688 White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract [09:40:16] 113 Potion of Engineering [09:40:16] 104 Nightshade - Mullein - Dandelion Extract 09:40:16] 8 Potion of Potion [09:40:16] 7046 Creature food [09:41:20] Animal: [09:41:20] 3072 Falcon Feather [09:41:20] 390 White Tiger fur [09:41:20] 280 Polar Bear Fur [09:41:20] 1065 Raccoon fur [09:41:20] 58 Feran Horn [09:41:20] 4 Tiger token [09:41:20] 16 Sslessar Summoning Stone [09:41:20] 1441 Bear Fur [09:41:20] 67 Red Snake Skin [09:41:20] 14 Skeleton token [09:41:20] 1270 Deer Antlers [09:41:20] 30294 Raw Meat [09:41:20] 226 Puma Fur [09:41:20] 633 Black panther fur [09:41:20] 387 Brown rabbit fur [09:41:20] 43 Fox Fur [09:41:20] 4903 Hawk Feather [09:41:20] 1 Female Orc token [09:41:20] 6 Male Orc token [09:41:20] 995 Mule Skin [09:41:20] 69 Wolf Fur [09:41:20] 11 Brown Snake Skin [09:41:20] 39 Tiger fur [09:41:20] 4 Leonard fur [09:41:20] 8 Deer Fur [09:41:20] 285 Beaver fur [09:41:20] 40 White rabbit fur [09:41:20] 3018 Rat tail [09:41:20] 378 Cockatrice Feather [09:41:20] 1 Leopard fur [09:41:20] 436 Snow Leopard fur [09:41:20] 477 Green Snake Skin [09:41:20] 951 Skunk fur [09:42:20] Misc: [09:42:20] 271 Blue Dye [09:42:20] 1690 White Fabric [09:42:20] 29 Archery Arena Ticket [09:42:20] 11040 Yew [09:42:20] 2 Serpent Stone [09:42:20] 9 Orange [09:42:20] 2 P2P Shop Coupon [09:42:20] 676 Blue Fabric [09:42:20] 32410 Empty Vial [09:42:20] 17396 Mercury [09:42:20] 4 10% Shop Coupon [09:42:20] 299 Purple Fabric [09:42:20] 45 Red Dye [09:42:20] 4 Saltpeter [09:42:20] 1982 Ashes [09:43:27] Jewelry: [09:43:27] 327 Polished Ruby [09:43:27] 15 Polished Diamond [09:43:27] 4 Polished Emerald [09:43:27] 2828 Polished Sapphire [09:43:27] 648 Silver Ring [09:43:27] 2306 Silver Medallion [09:43:27] 757 Gold Ring PM me ingame or leave mercator. ---- StAnN
  19. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Soon, I am sorry. Things have been busy, and I am not feeling very well. I hope to do this today/tomorrow morning. We will see how today goes
  20. xavierx

    Tried looking in the "expiration" threads? or (*gasp*) use the search function of the forums?
  21. xavierx

    Not sure when Xavierx bot is due for renewal....can you let me know please.....reply to this or mercator the_grud in game ty
  22. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that did it. Don't know why but it is working. Thanks.
  23. Which version are you using on Linux. Your own build from source, a packaged version (which type), from were? The latest version is 1.9.5p4.
  24. Diealot, Here is a list of things I tried before posting here: - restarting everything - manually reducing graphics requirements before also trying the poor man option. - watching the system monitor for over all cpu load and percentage of cpu each program was using in real time. (load made no difference to the frame rate) - The map I was playing did not change from yesterday. - Tried running a system update, which I had not done since installing game, but which made no difference to the way it ran. Since Posting I booted up my windows partition (same computer) and installed the game on windows 10. I have maxed out all the graphics settings and I am getting a steady 36 to 40 FPS at 2560x1440x32 ... Which is what I was getting yesterday on Linux. I am going to kill the config file and see if that does anything. Thanks.
  25. Also, check what else is running using some task monitor like "top" running from a terminal. Which version of the client are you using? Did you update anything like your OS GPU drivers during this time.
  26. Day of odd bod

    day of odd bod, this day a random1 invasion mob will spawn on random c2 map, kill it and another will randomly spawn again. reason, because the hunt will be fun.
  27. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    May we have a break down on the scoring for the event?
  28. Client not working with Catalina (MacOS 10.15)

    Thanks, ben.
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