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Maeglin's Tale

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Author's Note:


This is the beginning of a new story I've started, partly because Kayliana requested her histories be removed, partly because I needed SOMETHING to write about, and mostly because I've had a love affair with dragons for years ;)


I also happen to love characters that are dark or goofy, or preferably some comical combination of the two :ph34r:


That being said, I here present to you, chapter the first of Maeglin's Tale. (Still Under Construction - please remember this before you judge.)






"I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here!!!" Young Maeglin Númenessë muttered to himself as he felt his way along damp, dark cave walls, trying to find an exit. "How did I get myself into this mess..."

He had asked the question a million times in the past few hours, (having long since lost track of time), but in truth he already knew the answer. He had known it before he asked the first time. It was the same reason he always got himself into trouble. Those little weasels, Drant and Norrin, two human teenagers he had been known to associate with. Oh, they weren't really that bad... but in their typical, all-too-human way, they had a tendency to get on his nerves, and make him do things that he definitely should NOT be doing. Gritting his teetch in anger, mostly at himself, Maeglin again replayed the scene in his head...

Drant and Norrin came bounding up the alleyway that opened on Maeglin's house in White Stone City, shouting.

"Maeg! Maeg! (He hated that... humans always felt the need to shorten every name they heard to one syllable... Maeglin had often suspected that this was directly linked to their shortened lifespans, but had never proven the theory.)

"Maeg, have you heard?"

"They say they've found the Wyrmstone!" Maeglin peered out a window at the two young men skeptically, an arched Elven eyebrow already raised.

"No, it's true this time! A group of adventurers set off looking for treasure..."

"And one of them, their scout, went to check a nearby cave..."

"And he came back all torn to pieces!"

"But he was still alive..."

"Well, for about ten seconds..."

"And he said he'd seen the Wyrmstone!"

"THEN he died."

"They were so spooked, they all ran back to the village - "

"And blabbed their story to everyone in sight - "

"Including the location of the cave!" Maeglin, having come out the door by this point, heaved a deep sigh and turned to go back into the house. "Maeg!" He turned back, a disappointed look on his face.

"Look, friends, I know you're excited... but you do this every time there's a rumour of the Wyrmstone. It's not worth getting worked up over someone who probably saw his light reflecting off some gold in a goblin stash - right before the goblin saw it."

"But this time it's got to be real, Maeg!" Drant got an odd look on his face. "Wait, I know what this is... Maeg is scared! He's a scared little chicken!" Norrin started dancing around him in a circle, flapping his arms wildly.

"Chick-lin, Chick-lin, Chick-lin!" Maeglin started forward, then checked his motion and took a minute to set his mind aside and calm himself before speaking. "Come on, fellows, enough is enough..."

"I know what it is!" Norrin shouted in glee. "It's that Draegoni blood in him that makes him such a coward!"

It was true, that, somewhere in his ancestry, Maeglin DID have some Draegoni blood. It didn't show at all, except in his eyes, which had a tendency to flash oddly when the sun caught them, and every once in a while, small flashes of magical energy could be seen behind those same eyes. Not surprisingly, although young, (for an Elf, that is,) Maeglin was already an accomplished mage.

Lost in his own amusement, Norrin failed to see the colour that Maeglin's face was turning until it was far too late. He was alerted by an excruciatingly bright light. About three milliseconds before the fireball blew him aside. Fortunately for him, he had not yet driven Maeglin far enough to actually make it a killing blow... but this one had been pretty close to the danger level. Maeglin stomped by them, pushing Drant out of the way when the boy tried to stop his rage-induced charge.

"I'll show you! I'm going to go to this cave, and I'm going to bring back the Wyrmstone!" And with that bold proclamation, Maeglin strode of confidently into the distance.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hours later, cold, wet, and hungry, Maeglin wished that he had been just a little calmer. He was fairly certain that he would have been driven to do this anyway, but at least he might have had the brains to bring some extra torches - his had gone out hours ago, the end result of which was Maeglin picking his way through the cave without any source of light, and no clue how to get out.

With a disgusted noise in the back of his throat, Maeglin snapped his fingers, and a small orb of light appeared. He knew that he shouldn't be wasting his energy, but he needed to see a little light, even if just for a moment, if he was to go on.

Two minutes later he stumbled around a large stalactite, and with a small gasp snapped his hand shut around the light globe, extinguishing it. There was a bright light coming from behind the next bend!

'At last!' thought Maeglin. 'A way out!' He stumbled gratefully towards the light, only to trip and fall at the sight that greeted him around the corner.

The first thing he saw was an almost blinding light, but his eyes adjusted within a few seconds, and he found that it only looked THAT bright because he had been wandering through a pitch-black cave for hours.

The second sight that greeted him was the enormous mass of treasure that the light had been reflecting off of.

And the third thing to greet him was the HUMONGOUS Black Dragon sprawled across it.

"Well, well... what do you know... after all this time... an Elf!"


End Chapter 1

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:D Very nicely done. I like the character of Maeglin very much and think his "friends" are well rounded out. The interaction is very smooth and do I sense a bit of jealousy between Drant and Norrin toward our young hero? hmmm, might do well to play that up a bit. This seems to be headed toward a story of a boy becoming a...well...man, even if he is an elf...sorta...;) You get my drift.


Hope you post the next part soon, very mean to leave us with the image of that great black behemoth coiled upon a pile of sparkling gold...

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