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Misc.: Two Worlds

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Once upon a time the Gods were bored with almost everything except themselves. So they just created another universe, really complex. At a certain space they created two worlds, which circled around each other, almost if they both were the moon of the other. One world the Gods called Gaia and this was the planet on which they planted the first few Seeds of Intelligence, along with friendly creatures. One creature found these Seeds and ate them, a few years later every creature of that race was Intelligent. This was a humanoid race, and after they became Intelligent they named themselves the Gaians. For a few years the Gods watched the Gaians with the tiniest of interest. Then the Gods - who weren't that nice, but rather evil - divided the Gaians into a few hundred tribes, who made war to each other. In the course of history some tribes grew stronger, they conquered more territory and created more powerful weapons, other tribes were annihilated before they invented the wheel...


The Gods were amused by this, and they laughed at the stupid Gaians, who knew about the Gods and worshipped them, to get help in the war (which they didn't get). The one thin the Gaians didn't know was that the Gods they worshipped were the cause of all their pain and misery...


At a certain point in time, the war came to a halt, only three nations were left, each of them almost exactly as strong as the others. The PL's (a sort of presidents on Gaia) of the nations knew they couldn't annihilate another nation, as that would weaken them and give the third nation the chance to destroy what was left of the two others... So, the three nations didn't attack each other, but they didn't trust each other either. The PL's came to a solution; each nation would get 1/3 of the land, the recourses, the sea, basically of everything. When this was done, all weapons on Gaia were taken and stored in a safe place, which didn't belong to any of the nations. This was sort of a fortress, which couldn't be destroyed and could only be opened if all three PL's would willingly cooperate. But, of course, not all weapons were taken...


The new situation worked for quite a while, but then some people started to complain. They wanted real peace, not some half-peace, where no-one trusted each other. More and more people wanted this peace. A Resistance was made. At first this Resistance tried to talk to the PL's peacefully, but the PL's were too fond of their current power to give it up, or even split it with someone else. Only one PL was willing to give up his power for the benefit of Gaia's inhabitants.

Then, the Resistance bought a few guns and tried to talk with the other two PL's again. And again these PL's wouldn't listen. So the Resistance planned the assassinations of the two PL's, so the third PL, who was willing to give up his power, could rule over Gaia. They did not fail, and that was the time that Gaia became one nation.


After a while the people started to realise the Gods were the cause of all the evil that reigned on Gaia for so long. But the Gaians were really advanced in defensive technology, after all these years of war and hate. They build a giant Shield which defended Gaia from the Gods. The Gods knew they could only penetrate the Shield if they used almost all of their powers, which would weaken them.

Because the Gods wanted a new war to pass the time, they made a deal with the Gaians. If a few Gaian volunteers offered themselves to the Gods, to create a new war, somewhere else, the Gods would leave Gaia alone. Forever. If the Gaians declined, the Gods would destroy Gaia and everything on it.


Of course, the Gaians accepted and a few brave men and women volunteered. The Gods told them to go to the other planet, near Gaia, which was known to the Gaians as Eternal Lands, because the old religions of Gaia spoke of spirits of dead hero's who roamed there forever, in peace.


When the Gaians landed on Eternal Lands, the Gods decided to try a different approach this time. They destroyed all the technology the Gaians had taken with them and then divided the volunteers into five groups. The Gods used the Intelligence in the Gaians brains to make five new Intelligent species: humans, orcs, elves, goblins and dwarves. They couldn't create any more smart beings because that would require more Intelligence and they hadn't any in stock. Grow new Intelligence would take ages (even in the terms of the Gods). Each of these five races received special abilities, which would help them destroy the other races, and the monsters...

The Gods had created monsters too, out of thin air. They didn't have real Intelligence, the only thing the monsters knew was that they hated all Intelligent beings and that they wanted them dead...

The funny thing was that these monsters looked just like the friendly animals on Gaia, only with larger fangs and claws, their eyes were bloodshot and they had more muscles. Maybe the Gods taught it was funny if a rabbit attacked an elf, or maybe their inspiration ran dry... That's one thing we'll never know.


The only thing the Gods needed to do know was to create a great hate between the five races. So they did.

And a great war began on Eternal Lands, the five races against each other and against the monsters.

At first everything worked out just as the Gods had planned it. But there was one thing flaw in their plan; they made the monsters work together...


In the beginning the monsters were just as strong as any of the Intelligent races. But later on, as the monsters multiplied faster than the Intelligent races, the monsters became stronger.


The Intelligent races were suppressed by the monsters, but they found a solution to their annihilation. They might hate the other races, but they liked their own lives even better. The humans came up with the following idea: they would send a messenger to the elves, to negotiate for peace, maybe even an alliance.

The elves, whose territory lay against the human lands, accepted the peace, a bit unwillingly, but they were forced to, because else they would've been destroyed by the monsters.


But still, there was hate between the men and the elves. After a long time the elves and the men began to realise they relied on the protection of the other. A sort of trust began to grow between them. After a lot of small and heavy conflicts with the other races and the monsters, the men and elves trusted each other completely, they lived in each others cities, the children were having fun together, the women made clothes and talked about 'that boy with that elegant smile' and the men went out hunting together. They formed one nation, with one army and they grew more and more powerful. They could easily handle with the monsters now and the other races weren't a threat either.

The dwarves saw how well the plan of the men worked and they decided to join the Alliance. These three races became friends and together they killed lots of orcs, many monsters and dozens of goblins.


The Gods didn't like this at all. So they began to plan a horrible thing: they would kill everyone, make them Undead and without feelings. But this plan needed preparation, about a hundred years. Slowly the Gods grew the Ingredients they needed.


But on Eternal Lands the four remaining nations were still in war. The orcs and the goblins knew they couldn't defeat the Alliance by themselves. So they formed another Alliance, known as the Second Alliance. But still, the combined force of the orcs and goblins couldn't defeat the First Alliance (that is how the Alliance of men, elves and dwarves was known after the Second was formed). So they did a desperate thing; they asked the monsters to join them.

At this point, the Second Alliance could've easily wiped out the First. If the races trusted each other. But they didn't. The orcs, goblins and monsters all taught the other races tried to conquer them, after the First Alliance was destroyed. So the war went on. It seemed like the First Alliance was winning, but later the Second had a tiny advance. This went on for a few decades.


But then the Gods finished their preparations and started their Plan. They sent a huge energy ball at Eternal Lands, which would make everyone Undead, without feelings, only with hate. But the Gods hadn't calculated one thing when they made the energy ball: the fast growing trust between the races of the First Alliance.

That's why the ball didn't work correctly, it didn't kill all the feelings, but it did make the people partially Undead. Partially, because they could still die, but they revived almost instantly. Also, the people didn't look like green zombies, drooling all over the place; they just looked like their normal selves, only invisible. The people could see each other, in a vague kind of blur, as if they were ghosts. But if any Gaian would ever explorer Eternal Lands, they wouldn't see any living being.


Of course, the force that the energy ball had taken away, didn't vanish into nowhere, it stayed on Eternal Lands. A part of it formed a barrier, much like the Shield on Gaia, only much stronger, so even the Gods couldn't interfere with anything on Eternal Lands.

But there was another thing; some stones sucked up bits of this energy. A bit later the First Alliance discovered that when one combined some of these stones, the stones would provide the creator with magic abilities. Also, a few very rare stones sucked up special bits of this energy. When someone touched any of these stones he would partially return to his former state. He'd become visible again, but he still could see the other people. And of course, he'd stay Undead. Only if someone succeeded in finding all of this stones, and combine them, he would almost fully recover his former state of living. Legends say this person would be reborn, visible and with the ability to see the Undead. This person couldn't die as he could before the Energy ball hit Eternal Lands, but he would be reborn in another body, somewhere else on the planet. Also, if this person would share the stones with everyone who wanted them, thus creating trust between the races, which might lead to global peace...


Only the place of one of this stones is known, deep down in a cavern, deep inside the sea, unable to get to at this point of time. The whereabouts of the other stones, or even how many stones there are left, is still unknown...

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Okay, just a few notes.

If all the Gods were evil, what about Alwuen?

This would explain the respawn point thing, but not the underworld... and why don't we just pop back up where we died?

If the monsters were just pumped up creatures, where did the skeleton and the cyclops come from?

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