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Hrm, Found A Short Story...analysis

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It seems to me that the gods, and society in this short EL story I found (author anonymous) are worth looking at (And the society's reaction to the soon-to-be implemented monster invasions). Anyway, here it is:



Thurembur awoke before the dawn. Today was the day, the day the moved away from the haunted castle Vermor, and to where they could defend themselves. They were returning to the Forest of the Fall, where they could stand against those animated paving stones (so thought he of the gargoyles, incorrectly) and the other parodies of Unewe's creation.

The Forest of the Fall had long stood abandonned, though for no real reason. And therein remained strong something of the presence of Unewe and his daughter and servant Aluwen. This surely could aid them in protecting themselves against the monster invasions.

Thurembur made his devotion to the world-creator, who was the patron of the builders, and the priests (for it had been he who instigated worship). He would need his aid and protection to quickly establish a settlement.

Then, exitting his home in the Tirnwood Vale, he beheld his small host of seven score elves, warriors and priests, a blacksmith (which were few among elvenkind, for the patron of manufacturing was was not Lawful and Good, just as all the other skill-gods besides Aluwen and Mortos. This was even considered to be a crime by some, approaching the ancient Drow). They were male and female, but almost all young-the elders were more attached to their fair home, and believed they could survive. Thurembur prayed they were right, but believed in his heart that Unewe helped those who aided themselves.

He led them in the morning devotion to Aluwen, to strengthen their shield-arms and watch over them, so that in defending themselves, they could defend others from the marauding spawn of the Evil One, Scytros, which had come recently onto the land, from Gods know where. All the beasts did was kill, and plunder in the cases of some of the monsters with more-than-rudimentary intelligence. All those gathered here believed the Old Forest was their only chance.

Then, their prayers finished, they began to gather up their supplies from the stores-the weapons for the rangers, builders' and blacksmiths' tools, a forge, wood, and stone.

He smiled sadly at this, that only the young could part with their home instead of (thought he DID truly hope otherwise) their lives. Perhaps the survival of the elven people were carried in the hands of these one hundred and forty. That so much could rest on the small dream of a restoration, now a reality. They WOULD survive.

They set out, a light in their eyes, a light growing on the horizon, to whatever their fate could be.

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Yes, I like it... I was planning on something similar, at least, but first I'm agitating for the gods to be released from their quests to do something greater.



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