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Storyline & Quest Announcements

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Okay, I will be using this thread to post all important announcements regarding the development of the Storyline, and various bits of information as necessary. Watch this thread for any new developments.


If you have any comments to make, regarding any of the announcements, please post in this thread instead: Storylines Discussions.



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Now, the current status of the Storyline, to date, is this:


Entropy (the game's creator) has initially posted that he was planning to write the main storyline, to be revealed through quests. (Read this thread for more details: World Creation Story). He has said to me that he wants to write most, if not all, of the storyline himself, therefore there is very limited space for any new stories to go in. The main reason for this is because different writers would contradict each other, and it would look like a messy soup. Therefore any stories written by the players on this Forum must not clash with what he has written so far. I have compiled information regarding the world that is revealed by his NPC scripts in this thread: Eternal Lands Fact Files. It has also been previously decided that Entropy's storyline will not conflict with the stories written by Tumaros, which have already been declared as "Official". (To see these stories, click here)


However, with the release of the quests, and information about the world, many players have been criticising Entropy's emphasis on science-fiction elements in his storyline, and lack of medieval fantasy elements. I, myself, have been pointing out the difficulties with parts of his story. He has, in the last few days, become fed-up and decided to quit writing quests. (See this thread for more details: What Sort Of Quests Do You Like??).


Now, we are in abeyance. Quests have been put on hold, stories cannot be approved until they can be shown not to contradict the world that Ent is creating. This post is just to inform you of the current status of the Storyline. What I will be doing, in the next few weeks while waiting for Entropy to make a decision, is to edit some of the previously submitted stories on this Forum to make them more readable, and to compile an Index of Stories for easy reference.



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New Changes:


Roja has put me in charge of all of the Storyline and Quests aspects of the game. In the near future, most of the current quests will either be scrapped or modified. Certain quests (like the blacksmith Tankel's one) will largely stay untouched, but most of the scripts will be edited to bring it in line with Eternal Lands' medieval fantasy theme.


If you are writing any quests, please either email or Forum PM to me (look at the buttons at the bottom of this post). If you are writing stories, I'll be evaluating and editing them, and the good ones will go into forming the new history of the world. For the moment, the Eternal Lands Fact Files are now obsolete. Basically, we're starting from an (almost) blank slate and rebuilding EL's history and world all over again.


Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on building the foundational concepts of Eternal Lands. There are three main things to be considered:


- The role of the gods and political institutions.

- The different races and cultures in the game

- The main source of conflict and purpose to this world.


Any suggestions about these issues are welcome in the other thread called: Storyline Discussions. Once we've got the basic world concepts firmly planted, we can then go on to implementing quests and making them fit into the storyline.



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Story Index


These stories are in roughly chronological order. Note that there are many different categories of stories here. Some will be included in the main history/timeline, some will be integrated into quests, some just classified as fan fiction. For more details and discussions, go to Storylines Discussions.


Completed Stories

- The Great Battle of Grubani by Tumaros

- Grues and Their Ways by Tumaros

- Peril at Mynadar by Tumaros


Stories awaiting Synchronisation

- The Curse of Naralik Catacombs by Conner

- Evil in the Forests by Aira


Stories under Editing

- History and Truth of the Eternal Lands Dragons by Kayliana

- Diary of a Common Man by Geelef

- Tiral Learns to Sing by Kayliana

- The Founding of Tirnwood by Master_Templar

- History of the Lands by Saii (temporary, until Saii posts a better link)

- The Battle of Portland by Saii

- The Story of Fingolfin by Arafin

- Who is Trik and How Did He Get His Money by lobonar

- Memories of a Healer by Lyanna

- Aluwen's Request by lobonar

- The Turmoils of the Dragons by Kayliana



- The Destruction of the Centaurs by Saii

- Battle at the Gates of White Stone by Aira

- The Great War by Tumaros

- Kilaran Fields part 2 by Silencio

- A work in progress by kat

- A Tale of Vermor Castle by Lyanna

- The Finding of the Diary by Geelef

- Desert Pines Canyon by Conner



References and Information

- Random Story Ideas for Beginner Writers

- Basic Details about Races (old)

- Eternal Lands Races (new)

- Something about Dragons

- Questioning the Gods (old)

- Gods and Religions of Eternal Lands (new)

- Eternal Lands Fact Files (note: largely obsolete, but I will be keeping some)



Edited by Lyanna

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