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Long ago in the Golden Ages the gods ruled. The gods just lived a great life and watched the mortal's go around their business. The god's had servants the Titan's. One of the Titan's didn't like the humans going around without clothing and warmth and everything so he changed into a centaur and told the mortals that they were naked and showed them fire. The gods were angry and killed the Titan. Then the god's wiped out everything except two of everything. Then begun the Second Age. The second age brought mortals with clothing, warmth, and lots of other stuff. They harnessed the power of fire to make weapons and crafts. They built homes and armies formed. The war fell into a Ragnarok. (Fall of everything)


The gods again killed all but a few of every species as punishment.


In the 3rd age human's defyed the gods and stopped worshipping them. The god's in return created monsters to destroy the mortals. Then the mortals started creating weapons and clans formed to destroy the monsters. Thus began the Eternal War over Land.



Okay I know its a little weird but ya oh well. Hope you like. I took a bunch of stuff from Greek and Roman mythology.

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