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Story 3: The Two Kings

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Ok I did a brief touch on this one before, I was thinking of 2 different versions of this, one could us EL's current capabilities, another would be better but would need a little extra.


The one with a litte extra is this:


Basically the game would work in a almost never ending chapter change, so the server would actually go in chapters, meaning that after every say 6 months the graphics everything would change, as 6 months or so is the mark of the new chapter.


The game revolves around 3 npcs as a base line.


The 2 kings and The Grand Bishop. Its a heavy plot story, and I gave a very brief idea of the depth of the story. However it would need a decent ammount of upkeep. But I feel like it would be a very intimate story between the game and the player.


Of course their are other key characters in this but they arent true main characters, an example is the Exiled son who appears after the King is poisoned, however the twist is that the Grand Bishop had planted roots in the son so when he took the crown he would kill the Vizier who was also working for the Bishop but had no idea of the role he was playing and all eyes of speculations would be shut as they are lead by the New king into a age of turmoil.



The second uses EL's current gaming system of what I call ... the run around. So its just a group of systemically places quests with no real end just rewards ontop of rewards. Each quest having to deal with another quest and a main idea, but it keeps going.

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