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How about this one...

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Alright here it goes


Long Ago there were originally 6 gods each vying for control of a new land the land they came to call eternal lands each god had created his own race for his own purpose.


Humodus-created the Humans

Shishya-created the Elves

Drayane-created the Dwarves

Kiluar-Created the Centaurs

Stratius-created the Satyrs

Gulgo-created the Minotaurs


All together these gods created animals and monsters these were the only things they could agree apon.


Humodus had an infactuation with a woman of great beauty but he knew they could never be together with him being a god and her a simple mortal

though he blessed her with a child. The child was born and was named hirod.


Hirod being human/god got very storng even when he was five it was said he could beat up a grizzly bear.


Hirod started questing for who his father was when he was about 18 for he had no idea who his father was.


Hirod quested for 20 years wandering becoming stronger, faster, smarter.


One day he ventured into a cave he sat down to rest and suddenly many goblins came out of nowhere and they brutally murdered him.

His father humodus found out about this and before hirod was sent on to another plane of existance his father gave him one wish.


Hirods wish was that orcs (goblins) and humans would become a crossbreed and to name them orchans his father was heistant but he commanded it so.


This new breed being built for battle with the wits of a human and the strength of an orc had nearly wiped out the minotaurs, and as humodus had feared they had gotten out of his control finally it came to a point where all the gods had to band togehter in an effort to destoy the orchans

A great battle ensued and it lasted for days finally when the battle was coming to a close and the orchans were on top the gods took a mortal form to try and strike down the orchans. There mortal bodies being much stronger than normal races where endowed with magic , but even with this they could not beat the advancing orchans and soon they were destroyed and a blinding light consumed the world then an enormus explosion took place as all races were nearly wiped out and the ones that were left started to rebuild and they now knew that to combat the orchans they had to harness the magic that had been bestowed upon them.


Err i feel its missing some parts add to it plzor reshape it whetever you feel it needs

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Guest Kasin

so this hurcules wanna be is killed by goblins but his wish basicly helps them? wouldnt he rather wish them to be weaker instead of stronger? u people really need to think these things over before u go and write them. im not trying to be mean, just helpful. really really think before u write.

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