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The Path Of A Healer

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Actually, I didn't know whether to put this in Help Me, General Chat or Roleplaying, but I decided Roleplaying would be a slightly better choice. :D




The Path of a Healer - From Novice to Master

~A Treatise by Lyanna~



The path of a Healer is an age-old profession, and one not to be taken lightly. The study and practice of Healing demands a sacrificial spirit and complete commitment to the betterment of others and the treatment of wounds, despite personal cost to oneself – for, after all, who would respect the healer that charged for their services, and thus by doing so put a price on the value of life? Therefore, it is my strict injunction to all those beginning to walk on this path never to use the methods revealed in this treatise for personal profit. This treatise has been written for the benefit of others, by enabling you to be effective in Healing.


The art of Healing at its highest level combines the skills of Harvesting, Alchemy, Potion-making and Magic – harvesting to gather the necessary materials for the processes of alchemy and potion-making, that fuel the magical spells so central to practice of healing. A true master of healing will be proficient in all four areas, and I will therefore lay out a combined strategy of making the most use of this. I will assume an audience of newbies that are eager and willing to pursue the commitment to heal, but will not waste time on tedious details that most newbies ask. There is the Newbie Channel for that. Therefore, let us start. I will divide the instructions into 4 sections:




Begin by spending 4 pickpoints in either Physique or Coordination so as to raise your carry load by 40 e.m.u. Then, head west from the Wraith and find red snapdragons to harvest. They are close to the base of the tower in Isla Prima. Harvest as many as you can. It should be sufficient to raise your overall level by 1. When you are carrying all that you can hold, proceed back to the Wraith and spend your last 2 pickpoints on Physique/Coordination again to raise your carry load.


Now, walk to the Docks, picking up bags along the way that contain raw meat or bones. Halfway to the Docks, if you have followed the south-west road, you should come across the IP bread spawn. Stop here to pick up bread and eat it, until you are full. When you reach the Docks, take the series of boats that leads you to Portland. Once there, deposit all that you have collected (excepting the bread) at the storage (William), and head north out of the city.


Find the special patch of Blue Lupines close to the northern bridge that give you 3 Lupines per harvest. Harvest until you are completely filled, then sell them at the flower shop across the bridge. Continue doing so, running down occasionally to the tavern to buy bread to eat, until you have gained 140 gold coins. Proceed to the Lakeside tavern and seek out Golric. Buy the books Crystal Tech and Crystal Mining from him, and begin to read the former. Return to the patch of lupines in Portland and continue harvesting and selling to gain money and experience. Use this time to also discover as much of the game mechanics as possible. Harvest and sell Blue Lupines until you have reached Harvesting level 8. You may also come back to this patch at any time if you have a need for gold.




By now, I expect that you should be aware of the various aspects of the game, especially the usage of pickpoints, the harvesting limit, and the general geography of the Lands. Store about 60 blue lupines with William before you leave Portland. When you have finished reading Crystal Tech, start on Crystal Mining and purchase the next book – Quartz Mining – from Golric. Also, at any point in time from now on, when you happen to come across bags of bones, raw meat, deer, wolf, puma or bear furs (only these specific 4 animals) lying around, pick them up and store them.


We shall now begin your training in the fundamentals. Proceed to the graveyard in Mynadar and harvest Red Roses, storing them at Molgor. Once you have reached the harvest limit, go to the east side of the valley, near the exit to Tarsengaard, and harvest red snapdragons. Store 1,000 of both, harvesting red roses at the beginning of each hour to gain exp, and red snapdragons after the exp limit. You should reach the quota of snaps much quicker than roses, so continue harvesting and selling blue lupines at Portland when you have time.


Your objectives are twofold: gain enough money to buy your first two sigils, and prepare materials for future development of your skills. From time to time, stop to buy books and continue reading. By the end of your apprenticeship, you should have read the following books, in order: Crystal Tech, Crystal Mining, Quartz Mining, Blue Quartz Mining, Rose Quartz Mining, Biology, Biochemistry, Botanics, Metallurgy, Metal Mining.


With regards to pickpoints expenditure, I shall leave to your discretion which negative perks you feel are worthwhile, and whether you would want to buy the cloaks or perks for positive ones. However, the positive perks that would be essential to you, in order of need, are: Excavator, Fast Regeneration, and Monster Magnetism. However, with regards to attributes and nexuses, I would advise you to spend 1 pickpoint on the Inorganic Nexus now (you will require a nexus level of 4 in the end), 1 on Vegetal Nexus (again, you need 4 in the end), and the rest balanced equally between Coordination, Physique and Will/Vitality (these last two raise Ethereality, which will be important for sustained healing). You should strive for a carry capacity of 240 e.m.u in the end. The rest of the pickpoints are up to you to spend.


It is conceivable that you may acquire enough funds to start on magic before needing to make fire essences. However, for the sake of better flow, I shall put the instructions on fire essences first, and magic later.


Now, once you have harvested 1,000 red roses, begin to harvest and store sunflowers as your primary harvest-exp earner. Keep on doing so until you have put away 500 sunflowers for the future. When you have reached harvest level 14, you may wean yourself off bread and start to harvest vegetables for yourself. Do not overdo it, but merely carry enough to feed yourself. Proceed to the Crystal Caves in Desert Pines and harvest 1,000 pieces of sulphur, storing them at Grim in Kamara Desert. This should comfortably raise your harvest level to about 18 or so. Then, proceed back to Portland or the Valley of the Dwarves (both have a close food source accessible nearby), and make 1,000 fire essences. This would raise your alchemy level from 0 to 11. Once you are done with the fire essences, sell them to either magic shops (for 3gc each), or players (for 4-5gc each).


Having enough money to comfortably begin your role as a healer, we then proceed to the aforesaid magic shops. It is essential to have at least 1,100gc, but it would be much better (and I will proceed along these lines) for you to have over 2,000gc. There are two, marked by yellow dots: one in Whitestone City, and the other in Grahms village. They have different sigils, so you need to visit both. Begin by buying 25 Mana Potions (costing 5gc each) from Mira the potions-seller in Whitestone City, and the Increase Sigil (400gc) from Regia in the magic shop there. Then proceed to Grahms Village to buy the Health Sigil (700gc), and at least 20 Health Essences (9gc each) - preferably 50.


Now, we are ready to begin with the most basic spell: Heal. Open the wand window and select the sigils in the following order: Increase first, followed by Health. Click ‘Cast’. This spell only affects you, and occasionally has a chance to fail. For each spell cast, you will use up 1 Health Essence, and 5 Ethereal Points. Continue casting Heal and using up mana potions as necessary, until you run out of Ethereal Points. We then begin the next portion of training: potion-making. Buy a Mortar & Pestle from any general store. Withdraw the blue lupines you have in storage, and buy wine from the nearest tavern. Open the manufacturing window (hammer and anvil icon), and mix together 1 Blue Lupine, 1 Wine, and 1 Empty Vial. Do so until you have made 25 Mana Potions again.


Having done so, continue casting Heal and making Mana Potions as required until you have achieved a Magic level of 3. Then, proceed back to the Whitestone City magic shop and buy the Global sigil for 400gc. You will also need further expenditure on more Health Essences and Magic Essences (20gc each). Now, we begin the real job of a healer. Proceed to beam, and press alt-b to turn on the health points indicator.


Open your wand window, clear the current selection, and reselect the sigils in this order: Global, Increase, Health. Switch to the “Use†cursor (pointing finger). Click ‘Cast’, and if the spell is successful, you will see a green message on your wand window. If not, try again. To cast the spell on someone, left or right click on them with the “use†cursor. Each spell cast will use up 1 Health Essence, 1 Magic Essence, 8 EP, and will heal 7 points. Once the spell is cast, hover the cursor over one of the sigil icons to clear the wand window’s green message, and then you are free to cast again.


To review, by the end of this stage:

- You should have read books up to Rose Quartz Mining, Botanics, and Metal Mining

- You should have at least 1 level of both Inorganic as well as Vegetal Nexuses, and the attributes of Physique/Coordination, and Will/Vitality being raised.

- You should be feeding yourself with harvested vegetables or fruits

- You should have learned the basics of alchemy, potion-making, and spellcasting.

- You should have acquired the ability to heal others.


You have now acquired Journeyman/woman status, and are ready to proceed to the next stage.




In your beginning forays into spellcasting, you should note that you tend to fail a lot when casting spells, and that you are generally short of money unless you take up another profession. We shall attempt to address these two problems in this next stage, by developing your skills of alchemy and potion-making. However, it is important that you continue to heal others in the course of these activities. You must reach Magic level 9 by the time you next meet Mira in this treatise. The best place to heal people is at beam.


At this point in time, you should have roughly the following levels: Harvesting 18, Alchemy 11, Potion-making 3, Magic 3. The next series of books you have to read are as follows, and in this order: Iron Mining, Silver Mining, (Potion of Physique), Advanced Alchemy, Life Essence, Advanced Potions, Potion of Coordination, Emerald Mining, Health Essence, Potion of Wildness, Magic Essence, Potion of Attack, Potion of Body Restoration, followed by the rest of the potions and essence books at your discretion. Notice that I’ve bracketed the Potion of Physique book. This is because it is a monster drop, and hence must be bought from other players. It varies in cost from 500-1,000gc, but try to get it and read it as soon as possible. During this time, you should also be investing your pickpoints into expanding your Inorganic and Vegetal Nexuses to 4, and increasing your Might or Ethereality cross-attributes.


Begin by buying a pickaxe and harvesting quartz from the caves in Portland. I recommend the Portland caves over the Crystal Caves because of the fact that they are smaller and hence easier to navigate. All three quartz types are found in both. Harvest and store at least 500 quartz. Take them to Harvy in Kamara Desert to make vials for you, at the cost of 3gc and 5 quartz each. This will prove beneficial later, when you go into serious potion-making. Every 100 quartz will turn into 20 Empty Vials. Try to raise your Harvesting level to 20 during this time, but it is not compulsory to do so.


Once you have read the Iron Mining book and gained Inorganic Nexus 2, fill nearly half your carry capacity with fruit from Portland, bring along a pickaxe, and head for the Crystal Caves. Locate the multi-coloured quartz crystal, and the iron ore nearby to the north of it. Begin to harvest all three types of quartz, and iron ore, and make Matter Essences. Keep on doing so until your food supply runs out. You can store the Matter essences at Grim every now and then. Make at least 300 Matter Essences – the more the merrier. This should take you up to Alchemy 16, at least.


You will recall that I instructed you to save and store every bit of bone, raw meat, and specific furs whenever possible. This is important now. If you have not done so, go to either Isla Prima, Evergreen Woods, or the Valley of the Dwarves and scavenge around to gather bones and meat, especially. (Be sure to confirm with any players fighting nearby that it is okay for you to scavenge after them). Once you have a sizable amount (about 900 bones), crush all your bones into bone powder using a Mortar & Pestle. It takes 3 bones to make 1 unit of powder. Even as we continue on other activities, always keep an eye out for bones and raw meat.


If you have been healing occasionally, off and on, you hopefully should have reached a Potion level of 4. Irregardless, using your vials from Harvy, bone powders, and harvested vegetables, make Potions of Reasoning. You are likely to get roughly 60 out of 100 possible successes. You may use some of them to increase your Reasoning temporarily, thereby enabling you to read faster, but save the majority of them for selling. Make as many Potions of Reasoning as you have resources to do so. If you have read the Potion of Physique book, you may make Potions of Physique as well, once you have reached Potion level 8. (This is 2 levels higher than the recommended level, because failure is more costly).


We next proceed to making Life Essences. Withdraw your sunflowers, bring lots of fruit and a pickaxe, and go into the Crystal Caves. At this point, you should have read the Silver Mining and Life Essence books. Find the silver ore, and begin to make Life Essences. You may wish to harvest more sunflowers as you go along. Repeat the process of making Life Essences until you have made at least 700. Store all Life Essences at Grim.


If you have been healing regularly, you should be close to Magic level 9 by now. If you are not yet at that level, proceed to heal more people, using the Blue Lupines in Portland to fund your activities. Once you have reached Magic level 9, we are ready to continue.


Collect some fruit and proceed to Raven, in Grahms’ Village. Withdraw your Life Essences and sell them to the magic store there (or if you can get a better price – to players on the market channel). This should net you a sizable sum of money. Invest it immediately in the Create, Matter and Protection Sigils – each costing 700gc at the Grahms Village magic shop. Now, withdraw about 50 Matter Essences and all the Potions of Reasoning and Potions of Physique you can carry. Go to Mira and sell the Potions of Reasoning for 15gc and Potions of Physique for 17gc each. Buy 25 Mana Potions, and start casting the ‘Shield’ spell. The sigils have to be placed in this order: Create, Matter, Protection. Continue casting Shield and using up Mana Potions, buying more from Mira, until you cannot carry any more empty vials or run out of money.


Use the empty vials obtained from Mira to make even more potions to sell to her, feeding off the mana potions she sells you to raise your magic level through the Shield spell, until you have completely run out of materials. You now have the method of obtaining money through potions. With diligent scavenging, and selective buying on the market channel, you can make higher-level potions using the furs of the animals that I have instructed you to save. Continue doing this until you have reached Potion level 20. At some point in time, you will need to buy Leather Gloves from the Whitestone City blacksmith for 50gc to harvest cacti.


You will also notice that by the time you exhaust all your Shield spells, your Remote Heal spells should fail a lot less, as your Magic level has risen. Having gained a source of income, the last remaining challenge is to stop the need for expenditure.


By this time, you should be familiar with the methods needed to raise Alchemy. Proceed with making Health Essences and Magic Essences. For Magic Essences, you need to collect Emeralds from the Naralik catacombs. You will need an Inorganic Nexus of 4 and Monster Magnetism. If the anthill is still in Naralik at the time, you should have a fairly adequate supply of fruits aboveground.


This ends the Journeyman section of the path. To recap, at this stage:

- You should have read all books necessary for a healer.

- You should be able to gain money through potion-making

- You should be able to make your own essences for healing.

- You should be proficient in healing others.




The next stage will focus on your mastery of all aspects of healing, and the various skills under it, as well as small tips and tricks that come through experience.


First, with regards to potions, it is now time to grow proficient in making Spirit Restoration Potions and Body Restoration Potions. Both require Vegetal 4. Because these two potions are non-stackable, it is best to collect the ingredients separately and mix them together at a later time. All the ingredients necessary (with the exception of Empty Vials) can be found on the Portland map (including the rat cave). That was why I made it my home. It is eminently suited for a healer’s habitation. Because of your potion-trade with Mira, it is likely that you would not have many vials. It may be better to buy it off players or hire someone to run quartz to Harvy for you than to continually recycle Mana Potions from Mira. An apprentice might work for this, if it is to mutual benefit to both parties (He gets the harvest experience and some money, you get the vials – a good price would be 4gc per vial…less than Mira but more than Harvy).


With regards to magic, little needs to be said. The magic system is still underdeveloped, so there are no higher-level remote healing spells. Obviously, though, the higher your Magic level, the less chances of spell failure. To gain true mastery of healing, you should aim for the Restoration spell. But with regards to others, perhaps the best way to heal large quantities of Material Points is simply to give away Body Rest Potions, or work with a partner in healing. I have healed alongside some of the best, and I know that having a partner reduces the boredom at beam sometimes, not to mention improves the speed of recovery for people. (Of course, there is the embarrassing incident of overlapping heals sometimes, but that can be smoothed over with practice and understanding).


For alchemy, little needs to be done but to improve your level so that you will not fail as often when making Health and Magic Essences. It would be best to go into Metal Smelting, purely for the sake of raising alchemy and earning extra money. You can sell all metal bars to the Lakeside blacksmith, anyway.


Little tips and tricks I’ve learned:

- When healing at beam, a full healing session would need 30 Spirit Rest Potions, 100 Health and Magic Essences each, and if you have any space left over, bring along blue lupines and wine to make mana potions for that extra bit of EP when needed. Also, bring along a Ring of DP and/or a Ring of WSC, for quick access to storage and magic shops.

- When arranging your setup, it’s best to be completely zoomed out and constantly rotating the camera. You can often ‘get’ someone in a corner of the screen that you wouldn’t be able to reach if you didn’t rotate.

- The wand window should be open (unless the magic quickbar has been implemented). The inventory quickbar should show spirit rest potions in 5 out of 6 boxes, and magic essences in the last one (to keep track of your spells). Inventory window itself should be closed, but your fingers should be hovering over Ctrl-i (unless you’re typing, of course). Keep your cursor on the “Use†icon all the time.

- Always have alt-b turned on, and learn not to waste spells, unless they’re newbie – in which case every little point counts. Nevertheless, don’t heal when you will be wasting 5 points or more. (People’s health bar can go 5 above the maximum)

- Get used to hitting moving targets and healing on the fly. For battle medics, it is important that you are able to accurately place a heal spell in as little time as possible. You have to be able to shift from the ‘Cast’ button to the target as soon as possible, and yet not risk healing the enemy instead. A good way to practice in peaceful surroundings is to mapwalk somewhere and try to heal people as you pass them.




If you have reached proficiency in all of the above, you may be promoted to the rank of Master Healer.

A Master Healer is one that:

- Has Magic level 25 and can cast all healing spells up to and including Restoration

- Has Potion level 25 and can make all healing and mana potions, including Body Restoration.

- Has Alchemy level 25 and can make all essences required for healing.

- Has Harvesting level 30 and can harvest all plants, quartz, ores and emeralds.

- Has healed others over 2,000 times.





Healer thrice over

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Actually, this is a purposeless post, disguised as a treatise - it mainly would serve as a guide for newbies who want to roleplay healers, I guess. (The rankings really have no practical use)



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*sigh* i have yet to make it to Master Healer BUT i am working on it :ph34r: an no douts that i will not get there!!!


I like the idea of an apprentice... and i have tryed it out a few times but those people lose that healing feeling after a while

which remids me i have to go make health ess and magic cuz i am completely out!!! imagin that :lol:

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ime sure youve got at least 5000 heals or more under your belt unless you dont wear a belt in that case would they be in your pocket?

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i really think you have done a great job writing all this :D and if i reed it , it seemed quite useful for all kind of newbies :)

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Nope. Physics student. I just happen to have a talent for writing and editing. :D It's a side hobby...



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Guest Anchesenamon

Well I have read whole forum and there is only one post where people are role playing, others are only blabla about role playing like this one. Tell me, there is some role playing in this game or not? I haven't made it working yet so I am asking you.

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WOW Math and Grammer, didn't think it was possible. Most people are either math oriented or grammer oriented. grammer's my mark, boo to math! :D

oh really? grammAr :):D


I met 3 of the 5 master healer requirements, might start putting my finger out to really be that master healer :D

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wondered how long it'd take someone to katch it.  :D


Kudos  :P

hehe, ok, i'll take THAT one as a joke..... right? :P:(

Edited by Placid

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i am a master healer woo hoo


i have spent all my time during summer time in front of computer.

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