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The Kings Helmet.

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Red = Player says.




Player: Wraith, do you have any more quests for me?


Wraith: Yes, The king of portland needs your help


New npc - King


King: Thank-you for comming, i desparatly need your help, War is about to brake out between Portland and The evil castle in White stone.


Player: So what does this have to do with me?


King: I was told that you are a adventuere of great standards, my war helmet was stolen a week ago by a goblin, my guards chased him into the land of grubani pennisula but when they found the goblin he had been kill and the helmet was gone, we belive it was a troll. The helmet has to be in one of the huts in grubani pennisula, i need you to find it and bring it back.


Player: How will i be able to tell it from any other helmet?


king: its the only on thats gold on the whole empire, but i must warn you, be carefull there, the trolls are ruthless


The player goes and finds the right hut but inside the hut is a freindly troll. New NPC - A troll


Troll: Please quick you must take this and leave before the others come!


Player: Why are you helping me?


Troll: The trolls are under a spell, a hiptmotising spell placed on them by the evil castle, im unafected becasue at the time i was in the caves, you must release the spell, or they will attack portland!


Player: How do i release the spell


Troll: Here take this.


The player goes to Desert pines and puts the key in the right stone in the wall of the caves.


Player than takes the helemt to the king, reward is an Iron helmet.


King: Thank you, you are truly a great adventurere!




*The end*

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