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Too Many Bots?

Are there too many bots in the game?  

85 members have voted

  1. 1. Are there too many bots in the game?

    • Yes, reduce the number of bots.
    • Yes, Eliminate ALL bots.
    • No, Fine as is.
    • No, we need more!
    • What's a bot? I only see a fork!
    • There is no fork!!!

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I'll take care of the abuse :P


First of all I won't heal above a certain amount of health points. Second the bot will be not near beam or any of the docks. Still have to choose a good location. Third I'll remember the users of the bot and the last time they got healed.


Unfortunately I can't let them pay for getting heald cause it's not an NPC and I'm not allowed to gain profit from my bot. *g* So the bot has to get it's ressources from other players. It can't walk around yet. It will accept the ressources for healing only.


The bot filter could be done by a list of names. I don't think a lot of bots are moving around.

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I'll post the location of the bot in here. It will be located somewhere on IP or in one of the houses there. Maybe the tavern would be a good choice. Have to do some programming first and gain some experience in magic *g*

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