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Incoperating many Ideas. Prime Real Estate!

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I'm not sure where you guys stand on the Idea of Owning houses and such (I understand it was meant as a joke) but I have idea I've been toying with.


First, Not my main idea and Just brainstorming here but I think owning the houses are actually a pretty good idea. Lets face it, there are so many unused houses on each map, and it wouldn't be hard to make it possible. Counting how many that are locked and impossible to enter anyway, it not hard to make it where all houses Not owned by you or aren't part of your quests impossible to enter at all. By this I mean all the houses are inaccessible to you besides Quest houses and your own.


The over all usefulness of owning your own home (or even lack there of), is being that you can have your own private Storage and possibly other uses too. An added Small interesting aspect to include is that when you die, if you do not return to your house in a certain time, your house will return to the Action Block and you'll lose it. Or if that doesn't grab you, maybe you can return to your house as the Starting point after you die?



Anyway, my main idea is kind of working off the above concept plus the talk of several Players unofficially "Claiming" certain areas of maps as their own as well as the idea of Guild Wars plus Player Kill. I was thinking you could do this too but make it into an added side-game.


The Kicker though is that the Player who owns this land must single-handedly defend it! Kind of like a "King of the Hill" game, where one player may challenge another player for control. There is so much open space to do this, much of it hardly assessable but one of few ways that it'd be prime choice to do this. My own Desert Tropics (Which I recently Claimed :wink: ) is a perfect example of this.


Obviously, for this many players at such intermittent levels to vie for this great honor, certain conditions must be set in place to keep the challenge as well as make it fair:


* To challenge, one player must enter the boundary of the area, upon which he/she'll be given the choices to Enter/Claim/Challenge or Ect.


* No player may enter or Challenge the owner of the Area if that Owner is off-line or not within the Boundary. (It'd be silly to Challenge someone if they can't hear you)


* The owner Player may choose to allow in whomever he/she chooses and may turn away any other player. Although, these other players may not intervene on a Challenge.


* Only one such Challenge may be allowed per day (as otherwise, one player after another can continue to harass the other Player)



The different areas you can do can make some interesting changes. Like one such area you can make the top of a Mountain or a Ziggurat or a lone Island or even go as far as an entire city (Major Quest potential here. Maybe make some exceptions here)! Additionally, I was thinking as another Challenge would be that the Challenging player must first reach the area, since there'll be Hostel monsters surrounding the area that don’t attack the Owner player.



Anyway, this is something I've been thinking of even since I'm been playing. Sorry if something like this has already been pasted over, I haven't been reading the rest of the board but I'd really like to know what the rest of you guys think of my idea.

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:twisted: I don't like that one bit!!! I think the idea of earning money and eventually buying a house with it is great, not fighting over them. And, claiming a piece of land already....thats just crazy. :twisted:



p.s. this is not a flame, so shut up, and have a nice day :D

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Ouch! So negative! Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.


But it you'll notice, I said nothing about Fighting over the Houses! Only a certain predestinated region. At the Time, I didn't notice the other topic on something like this (Though I like my idea better) but why don't you go read that and go bite their head off!


Also, I think you only said that cause you want my Lands! Well, tough luck, The Desert Tropics Region is Mine

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Kami, being able to take someone's house via physical force would suck. I think that most of the people will want to buy a house, and own it until they sell it (or they can lose it if they are inactive for, say, 4 real life months).

On the other hand, controlled teritories is a good thing, and I do plan to do something like that (but different) with the guild owned castles. Basically, if the guild members won't defend their treasure hall, then people will be able to go there and loot it.

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Aye! Aye! Like I said I didn't mean for the players to fight over the houses.


But for the sake of arguement, Think of this: In real life, if word gets around that you've expired, Obviously you'd lose claim on your Property and possessions, right? With no heir or Will, most often something like the Bank or Morgage Companies claim unown properties.



All I was saying that when you die, If you stay too long in the underworld (And I'm saying like several minutes, not just the time it takes you to take the walk.) It's much like what would happen if you're registered as Dead by some Silly Company who believes that they have the right to say whether your dead or not! I mean, you've heard the stories where some guy goes away for a few years only to come bank and by some Cleirical Error, he was listed as Deceased and everything he owned was Reprocessed!


Besides, this was just a thought! Not as serious as you make it out to be and you're right about reclaiming after so long of off-time. I've pleyed too many games that never reset that and many parts of the game was cut off from the other players because of that. But I was serious about the Returning to your house upon leaving the Underworld though. Hate returning all the way back to Isla Prima, though I bet some will start hating the alternitive as well!



Also, I just saw that other post about the Guild Castles. Good Idea, but I far as I knew I thought of it first.


But honestly, I'd prefer Lands over Castles. I just Like some of the Many Empty land out there and I was just thinking of something to with them.

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