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A Tale in the Desert - Harvy & Grim (Bard's version)

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This is the "bardic" version - meaning that it is specifically meant to be told in-game by bards and/or Prattler. However, until Roja or Ent approves it, it is not official, so may conflict with future storyline developments in Ent's quests. It comprises 16 posts of about 2 or 3 lines each. If anyone feels like expanding on this outline and writing a full-fledged story, be my guest! :cry:


A Tale in the Desert

(a.k.a "When Harvy Met Grim")


1 ) The story of the legendary duo of Harvy and Grim is a strange one. They were both born on the same night, just as a meteor was seen in the sky.


2 ) Normally, such an sign would be taken as a lucky omen, but in their childhoods, both seemed to be cursed with a streak of misfortune.


3 ) Grim, child of a dwarven mining family in Mynadar, was expected to join the family trade. However, he had a problem - extreme claustrophobia.


4 ) He was unable to enter ANY enclosed space at all - not even his own house, once he had grown big enough to feel cramped in it.


5 ) So, with the loving but bewildered support of his family, Grim began to be a vagabond and a wanderer in his youth, always living out in the open.


6 ) Harvy, on the other hand, was the only child of an extremely wealthy and influential family in Corren Town, and was raised in a palatial home.


7 ) However, his parents died at an early age, leaving him orphaned. Harvy was forced to bear the burden of managing his father's business.


8 ) He soon suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent to Isla Prima to recover. When he got back, he had gotten a taste for the wilderness.


9 ) He sold off his father's vast business enterprise, and invested all the money into exploring the wilderness, particularly Kamara Desert.


10) Harvy began to be interested in mineralogy, and squandered most of his family's fortune in his studies. He set up permanent shop in Kamara Desert.


11) Grim, on the other hand, had developed a network of extensive contacts in his wanderings. One day, he decided to explore the Kamara Desert.


12) A few days later, he had collapsed from exhaustion in the swirling sands. Harvy found him, and dragged him back to the nearest oasis.


13) During Grim's recovery, they became fast friends. Harvy showed Grim some of his finds - an as-yet-unknown element he called 'mercury',


14) and a glass-making process he had developed, using melted quartz. Grim, realising the potential of these discoveries, talked Harvy into a partnership.


15) From then on, the duo wandered the desert, with Harvy continuing his studies into minerals, and Grim using his contacts to sell Harvy's discoveries.


16) And the rest, as they say, is history...





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Thank God, i thought it was going to be some sort of homosexual fantasy judging from the title. :lol: Title should be changed

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You DO!??!?! Damn i must have issues because i though I was Curor.


I am Sirkillalot: My purpose in life is to complain about lost stats.

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