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The Drama of Reality

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Sick of reality shows? Hate soap operas? Then you'll simply LOATHE this post...which is incidentally a true story, and happening now.


The soap opera life I live comes out even more so, in this week's episode of...





Announcer's Voice: Last time, on the Young and the Highschoolers...:

Scene: Upstairs, during a party. John and Rachel are making out


John: Ohh rachel... *Sits up suddenly*

Rachel: What is it?

John: You know I cant do this...if Mindy finds out, she'll kill me...

Rachel: Screw Mindy...you don't need her...

John: But...I love her...

Rachel: *Gets up, agitated* Dont you love me?

John: *Looks at Rachel, torn*


Scene: Mindy's house. Mindy is talking on phone to Tom (me :D)


Mindy: *on phone* I just don't know Tom...its like he's drifting away...


Cut to Tom, talking on phone with Mindy


Tom: *on phone* I dont know Mindy, I just hope you guys can stay together...


Scene: Luke's house. John is sitting with Luke in his bedroom.


John: I...I cheated on Mindy...last night, Rachel and I made out...

Luke: *shocked* Oh my god...*music reaches wild crescendo*


Cut to opening credits...



(Theme song: "And the hero will drown" by Story of the Year)




tom1.jpg Thomas Jordan

luke.jpg Luke Merrill

josh.jpg Josh Lassonde

alec.jpg Alec Biron

mindy.jpg Mindy Dagesse

marrisa.jpg Marrisa Burrill

becca1.jpg Becca Marquis

(Nicole Jeralds is on vacation, therefore not involved in the current series of episodes)



john2.jpg John Tullos

eric.jpg Eric Bolens



mrbille.jpg Mr. Bille (Pronounced Bill-eigh), my English Teacher, and teh original Frukas!


BTW: sry, no pics of Rachel :?


Commercial break


Scene opens at Luke's, John just told him that he made out with Rachel

Display title: "Episode 117: The Crisis"


Luke: Are you serious?

John: Yeah...

Luke: What the h...what made you do it?

John: *shrugs, slumps back in chair* I don't know, man...it was just so...she was just...

Luke: *shakes his head* Whatever...it doesn't really matter for me...but...you know if Mindy finds out...

John: *gets up and punches the wall* Damn it, I know! That's why I'm trusting you not to tell ANYONE...*glares at Luke*

Luke: *nods, not making eye contact* You can count on me, John. *Music: very dramatic*


Scene: Tom's house. Tom is on computer, chatting with people on AOL


John comes online, display following online conversation, camera shifting from Tom's house to John's house as they type.


Tom: *typing* hey

John: *typing* hey man, wassup?

Tom: nm, just chillin

John: o

Tom: hey r u feeling alright?

John: um ig uess *corrects mistake so it reads "i guess"* so...y?

Tom: well mindy called me (like always lol) and was telling me that u were acting different...she was afraid that u 2 were drifting apart

John: wtf

John: u know what, i've had it with her

Tom: ??

John: *pissed* ya i know she likes nunu (*Tum's Note: "Nunu" is a person that mindy once went out with, and now he keeps wanting to go out with her even though she and john are a couple*) and she can fuckin have her if she wants

Tom: umm omg john r u ok?? *worried expression on face*

John: ya but i'm just sick of her ive tried to be nice to her but she never does anything...i can barely get her to kiss me

Tom: ya but...


Mindy logs on


Tom: oh look shes on

John: w/e dude i dont care i'm just sick of it and u can tell her that i said that


John logs off

Tom starts conversation with Mindy


Tom: hey

Mindy: hey, sup

Tom: um, quite a bit actually

Mindy: huh?

Tom: I have something that I need to tell u...


Scene: Same scene, 2 minutes later


Tom: and then he logged off right after you came on

Mindy: umm i have to go

Tom: hey i'm sorry but that's what he said :(

Mindy: i cant believe it

Mindy: i just need some time alone k

Tom: sure thing...and if u ever need anyone to talk to, dont forget i'm here :)

Mindy: lol, dont worry, i always call u...cya

Tom: ttyl


Mindy logs off

Camera pans up to Tom, who leans back in his chair and stares at the computer


Tom: *spoken, no longer typing* Oh my god...what just happened...


Scene: Half-way thru commercial break, display "Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Young and the Highschoolers" scene.


Scene: Luke's house. Luke is on the phone, Eric is sitting next to him


Luke: c'mon, pick up pick up pick up...ah! Hello...is Tom there?

*voice on other end: "Hang on, I'll get him"*

Luke: All right, I'll wait. *waits a few seconds, then a muffled "Hello?"*

Luke: Hey Tommo...its Luke. Listen, Eric's here, and we were wondering if you wanted to come over and spend the night or something...

Tom: *Other end* Uh, sure...hang on, I'll ask my mom...*shouting heard on other line, then:* Yeah she said it's all right.

Luke: Sweet! See ya in a few minutes then.

Tom: Right. *click*


Scene: Luke's house, a few hours later. Tom, Luke, and Eric are all in his bedroom, Luke and Eric playing Need for Speed: Underground on the PS2.


Luke: *pauses the game*

Eric: Hey! I was winning!

Luke: *solemn* Guys...there's something I gotta tell you...

Eric and Tom: Hmm? What? etc.

Luke: Its about John and Mindy.

Eric: Ahh, Mindy...

Tom: *bops eric on the head* Eric, we all know that you like her...a LOT...but don't forget that she's going out with John...at least, for a little while longer...*sighs*

Luke: Maybe even less than that...

Eric: Huh? What do you mean?

Luke: Well...John was talking to me the other day...dont repeat ANY of this, or I'm screwed...but he and rachel...umm...

Tom: Made out?

Luke: Yeah.

Tom: I KNEW IT! I was talking to him on AOL last night...and he was all like...hating Mindy...

Eric: Hmm... *looks away, expression and music are shifty*

Luke: *Looks at Eric* Don't tell ANYONE about this...all right?

Eric: *Nods, not really paying attention, music gets even shiftier*


Commercial Break

Scene: The next day, Tom's house. Tom is sitting in bedroom when phone rings...picks it up


Tom: *on phone* Hello?

Luke: *on phone, nervous* Tommo...its me...

Tom: Oh, hey Luke...what's up? You sound nervous...

Luke: Erm...Tom...we've got a bit of a problem.

Tom: Don't we always...*rolls his eyes* What now? Becca again?

Luke: Actually...it's more like a crisis...

Tom: Spit it out, already...

Luke: Eric told Mindy about John and Rachel.

Tom: *Silent with disbelief, music strikes ominous chord*

Tom: *after a while* Typical Eric...

Luke: Yeah...and now I'm in trouble 'cause I was the only one John told...and I gave him my word that I wouldn't tell anyone else...

Tom: ...so he knows that you told Eric.

Luke: Yeah. He came on AOL yesterday, and, for the first time, didn't even talk to me...

Tom: That's weird...Mindy calls me at least twice every day...and it's been two days since I talked to her on AOL...no call.

Luke: What did you two talk about?

Tom: Well, a minute before she came on, John was telling me that he hated her...so I told her what he said, and she just left in shock...

Luke: Great...well...anyway I'm just happy I'm friends with you...(note: actual quote)

Tom: *smiles* Thanks...but on a more serious note...this thing's huge.

Luke: Really?

Tom: Ummm...YAH! I mean, everyone's talking about it...

Luke: And you and I are in the middle of it all...*laughs weakly*

Tom: Heh heh, yeah...hmm...*pause*...I wonder...

Luke: What?

Tom: Well, remember the whole Becca thing last year?

Luke: Oh yeah...when she was trying to use, like, everyone...

Tom: Yeah...anyway, did you notice that during that whole time, I suddenly became popular?

Luke: ...Yeah...you're right...

Tom: Well, what I'm saying here is...only if you want to of course...but...are you willing to team up...just you and me...and use this whole "crisis" to our advantage? *smiles wryly*

Luke: Hell yeah! *Music hits dramatic note*


Fade out to a commercial break


Display logo scene

Announcer: Next time, on The Young and The Highschoolers...

Display preview scenes...Mindy and John fighting, Luke and Tom plotting, Eric being chewed out by nearly everyone...


Keep in mind...this all really happened...in fact...the only thing that didn't really happen was John actually telling Luke in person about him and Rachel...he told him over AOL, but for the sake of repetition, I changed it...and I'm not sure what exactly happened that night with John and Rachel, but I put the most probable scene above...


Now will you believe me when I say my life is, quite literally, a soap opera? I mean, nearly every night, a few fat ladies get together and sing loud songs in Italian while taking a shower with Dove soap...

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omfg.. why did it have to end.. it's like a good book or tv show or something.. great frukas now you got me addicted.. MORE!!! i want more i say..

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Darn, I never liked soaps...

But this... :shock:

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the ending 2 ppl die of heart attakcs or go into a coma and some ppl get married and some1 tries to break it up blah blah blah

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He said it was reality... And notice something else: Tom - Tumaros - Tom - Tumaros - Tom - Tumaros... Ring a bell?


I think we won't get to know what happens next until in a few days - when it happens.

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He's already said he's Tom.


..or maybe I read it somewhere.

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Fav. Summer Pastime - Soap Operas

Fav. Soap Opera - My life :P


HAHA! :lol: I knew I'd reel you guys in...this is proof of why I seem a little...unusual...at times...because this is the damn community I live in...anyway yeah, thats where its left off in real life too...I'll keep you guys posted tho :wink:


And yes, I DID offer to make a deal with Luke, thats just who I am...


School is gonna be teh r0xx0rz this year :P Luke and me the only ones talking while the 8th and 9th grade, once fairly friendly, completely avoid each other (9th grade being us...)



Oh yeah...good news...this Tuesday and Weds. I'm gonna be at Luke's house, along with Eric and an old friend of ours that moved away recently...


I have a feeling I'm gonna return with some stories to tell :wink:

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Omg...ERIC DID IT AGAIN...ok...


First you need to know about Marrisa. She's in our class, shes the most talkative (and usually most annoying) girl...also had the flattest chest.


HOWEVER recently when I was at Luke's house, (Eric was, of course, there...he basically lives at Luke's house...rather...liveD...past tense...) she and a friend stopped by, and our eyes popped...she had developed quite a bit :P And she had a ghetto booty.




ANYWAY after she left, Luke turned to us and was like "Jeez she's certainly come along hasn't she..."


Eric and I were like "Yeah, uh huh," etc.


Who would have known that Eric would go and...well...read the following AOL conversation I had with Marrisa no more than 4 minutes ago (I changed the screen names for privacy reasons):


Marrisa: hey

Tom: hey

Marrisa: how are you

Tom: great

Tom: u

Marrisa: ok

Marrisa: luke is mad at me again

Tom: oh

Tom: now what did u do

Marrisa: ya

Marrisa: b/c eric told me that luke liked me and mindy was on 3 way, but i told bethany who told ethan who told luke and now eric is saying that he never told me that and luke is telling me off about it

Tom: ...sry, lost you at "b/c eric told me"

Marrisa: lol

Marrisa: eric said that luke liked me

Marrisa: on the phone

Tom: damn eric

Marrisa: then mindy was on 3 way

Tom: he did it again

Marrisa: what

Tom: nothin

Tom: keep goin

Marrisa: ok

Marrisa: then i told bethany b/c i thaught that luke liking me was kool cuz i like him, but ya then she told ethan

Marrisa: u with me

Tom: yea

Tom: keep goin

Marrisa: ok then ethan brought it up to luke

Marrisa: and luke talked to me on here and told me off b/c he said that i was spreading the rumor of him liking me

Tom: i c

Marrisa: then he called me a retard and told me that "we are on the begging" and he basically doesnt want to talk to me

Marrisa: and he said he doesnt like me

Marrisa: done

Tom: "we are on the begging?"

Marrisa: i dont know eitehr

Marrisa: did luke ever tell u that he liked me

Marrisa: ?

Tom: he only said that uve come along quite nicely over the summer

Tom: developed and all if u know what i mean...

Tom: but nothing about actually LIKING u...that way

Marrisa: well that is what eric told me

Marrisa: now he hates me

Tom: well eric is an ass and has been recently

Marrisa: eric sux

Tom: hmm

Marrisa: well talk to luke and explain the situation

Tom: i need to talk to luke about something...

Marrisa: lol

Tom: lol

Tom: yeah...

Marrisa: what do u need to talk to him about

Marrisa: ??

Tom: but theres something else so i'll ttyl ok

Tom: its nothing

Marrisa: ok r u coming back

Marrisa: ??

Tom: maybe, maybe not

Tom: bye

Marrisa: bye



And I logged off, and immediately opened up Internet Exploder to show this to you guys :shock: It might be a little hard to follow, being an AOL conversation, but I just wanted to make sure u got the EXACT WORDS and stuff.



:? Hmm, the plot thickens...wtf is Eric trying to do?

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WHY oh WHY doesnt some one hit Eric!!!!


he is going to be the evil guy in this soap oprea of tums life i can see it now

he will be the one who goes behind everyones backs and starts all the fights




please tum when you get the time and more of your soap oprea life do tell!!!!


Yet an othere thing to add to my list of addictions

-#208- My Sweet Tums "The Drama of Reality"

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The only problem is...ya gotta love eric... :? hes the poor little overweight bumbling kid that can always make you laugh...and now he's...as emby ( :P ) said...the evildude...

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Is eric one of those buddy friends you have on BuddyPic or something like that?


If so, I saw your friends... and I think I know who eric is.



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Alsrir - in truth, eric wants mindy (see above) and he will do anything to get her...


Luke and I were talking recently (as in I just hung up the phone :) )...we're still friends with eric, but we're trying to figure out his motive...our #1 guess is that, as I said...he would do ANYTHING to get Mindy, and thats exactly what he's trying to do...to tell Mindy that John was cheating on her, and hope she went to him for reconcilimatationing.




Also...I didn't want to post this at the start, complicated reason, but now I might as well say it...John and Rachel did a lot more than just make out... :wink:


Condums...are good.



Aira - biggiebolens :wink: and I might as well post pics of all the characters above...check back in a few minutes :)




Check it out :) Pics of teh starz

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Edit: Nevermind.

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Heh, is that in order of credits? Ehm do they get any credits? :shock:

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