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bilbilbilbilbil banned

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Someone created a bunch of meaningless names:






after bannig him, checking the ip-address also gave the following names:





Repeat offender?

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Aki, if you're looking at this, Asterix_2 is the little french boy I made cry. Well, I didn't make him sad on purpose... well, I kinda did... but I thought it was becuase he was weird. :?


Lol, I thought he was one of those creepy kids that don't say anything, and follow you around. Like Damien and Chris at my school... they don't talk to you.. just stare at the ground... and when you get up to move, or go to your next class, they sorta waddle after you. It's really creepy.


But yeah, anyways, I started to follow him around... and it made him sad. When I found out he only wanted to play hide and seek or something like that, and was only trying to trade... well, I tried to apologize.




He kept shouting "Salut!" at me... which should have been a clue... and "NON!!"


The 'non' made me think he was a bot.. but bots don't run from you when you chase them around. Well, not any bot I've met anyways.


Turns out he didn't speak english. Only french... I tried to apologize for making him sad, but it came out like "Moi es sorry... la'apologica... to toi!"




Made the situation worse, and he just sat behind the rock on isla prima. He said it was his 'hiding place'. Lol, I had a bunch of french speaking people try and help me out, but no one could really help the situation.


It was a very odd experience.



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we can call it special happy lands and it will have bunnies and flowers and no1 can die (man it will suck)

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I'm laughing my ass off but I feel extremely sorry for him. All the French people I've met on these types of games I can usually decipher using Latin roots. I guess...nmvd what I was about to say was unconditionally mean...


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