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EL dreams

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Hello. I couldn't find topic of EL dreams, so i made new. I guess most of us has seen EL dreams some level...so tell your own, here's my fresh dream :rolleyes:


I just took a nap, and i saw EL-dream, quite opressive one; I was walking in NRM volcano, but the volcano was rather WS sewers shaped, and i search invated mobs. Soon i saw red dot on my minimap, and saw something i not seen before; big, fat RD. All it's white parts was black, and it was much larger (fat way, almost like a balloon) than regular RD. it attacked me, and it was very strong, so i tried to flee and diss, but it teled after me and my every attempt of escape failed. Eventually i died for it, but i didn't respawn in UW, instead front of the fat RD again. that made me scared, "what if i die again, and lose another rosto, and keep spawning front of it, not in UW." well, eventually i managed to escape, but the cave was so much changed that i couldn't find my way out, and there was more of those creatures around. Soon i saw another player closing to me, and i was frightened; "what if this newly shaped map is PK, and i have no more rostos?", I tried attack myself, and noticed no PK map, anyway, the other player disappeared, and i tried to continue dodge fat RD's, and find my way out of damn caves. Finally i managed to find door, and that lead to KF. i ran out of KF, then i start asking on ch 6 "wtf was that horrible fat RD who tele to you after your disses, but nobody answer me, then i wake up.


That was quite nasty dream, and very realistic. when i told that on #gm, Warzard though it's hilarius story and should write it to forum, So here it is now :medieval:

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Perhaps this was a precursor to the volcanic action in your near neighbour!!


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