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Cheap Cutlass of Extra Damage

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Change Dillimac drop of 4x Cheap Cutlass to 1x Cheap Cutlass of Extra Damage.


Cheap cutlasses are practically useless. They break 8x more than a normal cutlass (fast), break not degrade, and offer next to nothing to those who would potentially use them (making the gc to buy a proper cutlass is quite simple with the price of a few tokens).


Adding the 'Extra Damage' perk from Eagle Wing of Extra Damage - 8% chance to do 20 extra damage - would make the weapon somewhat more desirable (it still has the normal cutlass's rather blah average damage and the cheap version's terrible break rate) without taking it too far. The new 'average' damage would be 24.6 (23 average base on the cutlass + 8% of 20 extra [or 1.6]).


This change would provide hitters that need a high-accuracy weapon that are in the range of the instance an incentive to run it and risk their bricks for a drop to make them marginally better.


In game economies can do funny things, but I doubt that the price would exceed the current value of 4x cheap cutlasses (2-3kgc each for 8-12k total) once everything settled out.

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