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Speedy gonzales

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Hi there,


I have been giving some thought on a different kind of instance, that isn't based on the same range level of players, the idea is to bring competitiveness into the game

It would be an instance you could go once every two weeks  (more or less can be discussed below),  the idea is to set a record and to complete the instance as fast as possible , it isn't to farm gc as it won't be profitable compared to the other instances.

The team would consist of 4 players (again this can be discussed below):

  • 1 fighter in the 60 - 90 range
  • 1 fighter in the 90 - 120 range
  • 1 fighter in the 120 - 150 range
  • 1 fighter in the 150 ++ range


The instance will have negative light so that it is hard to see the monsters, some areas could only be reached with teleport to range, some monsters would be capped, that means that if someone sees a monster he would have to call a lower team member to kill or will have to md them or something, but not sure that would be the best strategy if they are loads of rabbits, right ?

This indeed involves some luck in finding the monsters fast but that is what could be fun and unpredictable to see what team finish faster.

The monster I am thinking off are :

Basically any creature / monsters, the bosses could be dragons with 2 polyphemus or so (this can be discussed below)


How to advance in the next instance wave :

  • Kill all the monsters even the invisible rats

Ok so what are the rules :

  1. If any team member dies the whole team lose and will be sent back to IP shortly, yep that is harsh (that means protecting the weakest at all times
  2. One of you teleing out result in the team losing


The aim is to bring fun and competitiveness a diverse range of players, which lacks in the invasion/instances because of caps (not blaming the invasions lol).


Now what is the reward :

The gc and items you have collected belongs to the team

The team that completes the instance gets their name into the list of people that completes it

Time it took them to complete + their names.

Every EL year (or something) it gets reset, and the winner wins a prize of some kind (discuss below :P).


Oh and right before you tell me it won't happen, please every man is free to dream lol

Also the idea can be polished into something better if you have ideas, we could even bring mixing/harvesting into this

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Overall, I like it.

Your ranges are a bit weird and 4 man team is different but I don't see how to make them much better without skewing it more towards the noob side. (60-85, 85-110, 110-135, 135-160, 160+? [which are equally weird ranges])


What map would you play this on? How many waves?


1 hour ago, dragon_killer said:

some areas could only be reached with teleport to range,

Someone's going to teleport to portals... (:


Any sort of cross-range instance sounds good to me. Most players stick to their range and that's it (I'm partially guilty of this).

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