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Storage clearance- all has to go

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Hey y'all. I'm selling those items, please let me know here or in game to STX what you're wanting to buy, thanks :)

Btw: Done ~735k fe's so far... :P






78 Steel Long Sword

1 Rapier
11 Titanium Serpent Sword
7 Titanium Axe of Evanescence
5 Jagged Saber
1 Elven Bow
8 Halberd
1 Spear
3662 Fire arrows
1 Staff of Protection
1 Cutlass
1 Orc Slayer
1 Dragon Blade of Mirroring
1 Elven Bow of Wilhelm Hood
1 Emerald Claymore



2 Bronze Helm


2 Day of Non Stop Stone
2 Ring of Hydro
1 Day of Faster respawns Stone
2 Day of Summoners Stone
1 Harvester Medallion
3 Day of Alfred Nobel Stone
1 Power Hungry removal
1 Day of Robin Tell Stone
1 Artificer removal
1 Careful guy removal
2 I Eat Dead People Removal
2 Day of Stakhanov Stone
1 Collateral Damage removal
3 Powersaving removal
1670 Harvest/Degrade Indicator
1 Harvester of Sorrow removal
3 Physique Removal Stone
1006 A/D Indicator
7 Conjurer Cloak
151 Little Blue Dragon Scale
1 I glow in the dark removal
125406 Point Defense
2 Unicorn Medallion
262 Blue Dragon Scale
1 Stars Medallion
7 Heavenspawn Medallion
3 Enhanced Unicorn Medallion


45000 Magic Essence


214 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract
1 Potion of Archery AP


31 High Explosive Mine
58 RC Mine Detonator
20 RC Mine
115 Pear
324 Mana Drain Ward
150 MI Removal Ward
21 10% Shop Coupon
300 Invasion Token



9546 Silver Medallion
29213 Polished Sapphire

And EMP's and CF :) PM here or STX in game.

Edited by StouXy

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