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I know this is not a popular topic but can we look at how frequently invasions happen and how many maps they cover. Invasions are a fun and different aspect of the game but at the moment they are stopping those players who either don't want to participate in them or are too low a level to contribute are unable to use C2.


Over this weekend we have had pretty much constant invasions across all or at least large parts of C2. One was being cleared, slowly by a small number of players, but this was then cleared by a mod so another one could take its place. This gives players no incentive to remove the less popular monsters.


If they were more spaced out, every other day maybe rather than every day, didn't always involve an entire continent and were not cleared without punishment it would make the game more enjoyable for all players not just those who want to kill things.


Just to be clear I don't want to get rid of them, just provide a small break in between so other players can do the things they find enjoyable too.

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I always thought C2 Global or C2 Caves invasions are the worst. Takes too much time to clear, most of the times it's not packed, people leaving ice/blues (I know they are hard to kill but people with 170 a/d leave them, lol *cough*milu*cough*) and as first post says, it blocks quite a good amount of people from what they are doing/want to do.


More specific (like last few days) Trass caves, or NRM/AA/Melinis whatever it is invasions are much better - but it is also more work for invasion masters as they get cleared rather fast so they have to keep track of the mobs/fighters etc.


So a balance between these two is good - is what we have right now in my opinion. So I don't really think there is much of an issue.

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