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Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.6

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Here we go again...


Work is in progress on maps and other data for a 1.9.6 release, estimated this Summer but don't hold us to that. (You have also seen bluap is hard at work on the client itself with his 1.9.5p# releases.)



Random floating object? Walking inside of a tree somewhere? Are you floating too high over the ground?



If you've noticed any "little things" that seem buggy, please start reporting them here.


Note 1: This is not the place for suggestions or changes, just obvious mistakes.

Note 2: Remember to provide the map name and the exact coordinates (or as close as possible).


Note 3: Is the problem in a secret location? I know all the game secrets so if you can name it without giving away the entrance, fine. If not, PM here or in-game, or "/mercator tell burn".



Little things can include:


1- flickering of ground items when the camera rotates or while walking. (Please check with no shadows, if it's shadows causing it I can't really do anything. Also some flickering tends to be specific to certain computer setups or graphic cards, but I can check it at least.)


2- stepping a bit too far into a rock or building or such so that 50% or more of your character is inside the item in question. Basically it seems like you shouldn't be able to stand there.


Or similarly, it seems like you *should* be able to step somewhere but you can't.


3- Floating way too high or sinking way too low in spots. (Height marking is very limited compared to the 3d nature of most games, so "too high" should be defined as approximately half the size of a leather boot - note that sand/quicksand spots such as those in Bethel and Melinis are intentional as well.)


4- Unreachable harvestable items where they should be reachable. (This shouldn't be an issue anymore.)



I think you get the idea. Basically it must involve the map itself, anything else is beyond my ability to fix.



SECRET LOC? I know them all, just give the name and coords without providing how to enter it.




It may be a while before I respond here, but everything posted here WILL be checked and fixed as needed before it's time to do the 1.9.6 client release.

Edited by Burn

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Is it possible to fix the caves in bethel - some of them you can click the cave on the ground and enter whilst up a ladder


You are in Bethel  [162,175]
You are up a ladder above a cave entry (ie cave is down the ladder) - click the cave entry - and you enter it instantly!


Makes fighting form the rocks 'interesting' :P

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