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The ranks required for guild commands are seemingly out of order

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I have been away from the game for a while. I come back and it hits me that the ranks required for various guild commands are out of order.
Rank 15 commands should probably be rank 10. Go recruit!
Rank 10 commands should probably be rank 19. Guild admin stuff.

Rank 19 commands should probably be rank 15 except for #set_short_name. You should only be able to change the ranks to and from ranks lower than you for #change_rank. though.
This layout would allow for adding rank to members more easily without fear of them messing with guild administration stuff which really should be rank 19 or 20 only.
What do you think?

Also, to make sure the changes can be done without too much hassle, #change_rank and #rank should be something you can do to offline members a ways before those changes take effect.

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