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Misc: the finding of the Diary

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At Aira's request: here's the tale of how The Diary of a Common Man was found :D




Panting, she ran through the forest, away from those evil creatures. No, she wouldn't be killed now, not when she was so close. She had lived a life only to find it, those beasts would not destroy all the work she had done!


It was just a legend, a myth one might say, passed on from mother to daughter, never spoken about to a man. One of her female ancestors once had a boyfriend, who left her without saying why, without ever explaining or coming back. The two of them were about to marry, she was pregnant of him, and she couldn't bear the thought that she would have to raise his child alone, or with another man.

So she waited until he would come back. But he didn't, even when her child was born, he didn't show up. But the day after, a tall man with black clothes knocked on the door.

"I've got news for you. It's about the father of your daughter."

Of course, she let the man in, and he started telling things, about how her love had tried to rid the world of evil, but how he had not succeeded, that he had died trying. That that was the reason he hadn't come back. He couldn't give details though, but he said our hero had written it all down in a diary, titled 'The Diary of a Common Man'.

Then the man left, leaving the woman puzzled.

When her daughter grew up, awkward questions were bound to be asked, and when the daughter was ten, she knew all about "how her father tried to save the world and left behind notes of it". And she passed the story on to her daughter, and so on, until it reached the ears of Aigenia


Aigenia was the first in almost a hundred generations to take this story serious, and she started to long for the Diary, she wanted to know what happened so long ago. So she began to read, legends, myths, stories of the old days - everything that might help her find a clue about the Diary. And she found some clues, small ones maybe, just notes of a man with great magical powers passing by certain places, a forest that had burned down without a reason, bloodstains and footsteps in places no man had ever been before... After almost a decade of reading, she set out, at the age of thirtyfive, trying to find her the Diary of her ancestor.



(more tomorrow :D)

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Can't wait till you finish it, but thanks for writing more on it.


I hate it when tales like that are left without a history of how it was found. It's the same feeling when you're reading a the last book of a series, and it ends. And the writer left you wondering what happens in their life, what other adventures they'd travel.


It's like the Abhorsen Trilogy. If anyone has any free time in their life, and you're looking for a good book, search for:


Sabriel - First book


Lirael - Second Book


Abhorsen - Third Book


They're one of the best books I've read, and I'll always remember them. I just wish Garth Nix would have LEFT ME WITH SOME SORT OF CLUE ABOUT WHAT ELSE HAPPENED IN THEIR LIFE!!!!


:x :x

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Hehe, I like open-ended books, so I can think of stuff the people in it would do :cry:




She followed the route she thought her magical grandfather had taken, sometimes finding clues that she was right. A hidden cave with blood on the floor for example, or faintly glowing grass, indicating strong magic being used on the earth a long time ago...

Slowly, she found her way through wilderness, always finding herself stumbling into trouble when she was tired, hurt or lost again.


One thing drew her attention, a pack of wolves trying to attack her, but even though she was exhausted and had a deep wound running through her leg, the wolves stopped almost in midair, turned around and walked away, their tails between their legs. She followed them curiously, and after a short while the pack reached a cave, a blue light emitting from it.


When she entered, she saw a man sitting between the wolves, not as an enemy, but more like a friend, someone who took care of them. He wore a black cape, his hands held a long, brown wooden staff.

"Aigenia. Welcome."

How did that man knew her name?

"Don't be frightened. I know more than just your name. I know about your magical ancestor as well."

Shocked as she was by the thought of that man reading her mind, she only entered because she felt bound by her quest, her quest to find the Diary.


"W-who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Tiwo, the man who told your greatgrandmother that her husband wouldn't come back."

"How did you know he wouldn't anyway?"

"Because I aided him in quest, just like I'm going to aid you in yours."

What was that man saying? Aid her in her quest? Like she couldn't do it by herself...

But Aigenia wasn't a complete fool, maybe she wasn't a fool at all, so she stayed to listen what this strange man had to say.


And the man, Tiwo, said: "Your ancestor left behind a Diary, as you already know, in which he wrote all his experiences. I don't know excactly where this Diary is, but I know it's on a small island in the sea... I'll teleport you over there an-"

"Err, wait a minute - teleport?" Aigenia asked.

"Yeah, you do believe in teleporting, don't you?" Tiwo said, a bit surprised.

Aigenia nodded slowly. "I've hear rumours of it before... Wasn't sure if I should believe them, although I saw an old mage do it a long time ago..."

Tiwo smiled. "Indeed, that was me... Now, I'll teleport you over to that island, then I shall return here, and await your arrival. Don't worry, I'll add a map to your backpack." he said, when he saw Aigenia's face darken. "You wont have any trouble finding the way back, I promise."


The next morning, Tiwo took Aigenia's hand and teleported her to the island his old friend had once sat on. "This is it. Good luck finding it, there'll probably be a quill next to it." Tiwo smiled. "Or a feather, as he used to call it."

Then Tiwo left in a whisp of white lights.

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:) Hehe, glad you like it




Not long after Aigenia was dropped on the island, she could be found searching through the bushes, cutting her hands and arms open on the small, pointy thorns which covered yellow and purple flowers.


The island itself was only a mere 20 meters in diameter, a perfect circle. As Aigenia drew closer to the center, she noticed the vegetation growing steadily browner, less colorful as on the outer edges of the island. Then, when she broke through a perticulary dense bush, she saw it, the Diary, along with the quill Tiwo had told her about. It was in the middle of an open space in the forest, perched upon a stone, maybe half a meter high.


Aigenia almost ran towards it, she had longed for this her entire life. She streched out her arm to pick up the diary, not much bigger than a brick. Suddenly, she stopped, her arm pulled back again, as her eyes fell upon the ancient writing on the stone. She recognised it as Old-Elvish.


She translated it quickly in her mind:


Hail adventurer!

Beware of this book, as it is full of magic, a power almost none can grasp. Even I, Merthano, former servant of Aluwen, could not open this Diary without suffering a great deal of pain. Not just physical pain though - my mind got corrupted, I heard a voice yelling for a worthy one, the one who would be guided by a black man.


My warning: do not try to open this Diary, unless you are guided by a black man indeed, or you think your magic is powerful enough to withstand this great evil...

I locked away the Diary, so it could not be moved or opened without someone breaking this seal. If you are the worthy one, you should easily be able to break it - if you fail breaking the seal, your lifes power will get sucked into it, making it a stronger shield for the next one...


Merthano, First Priest of Aluwen.


Aigenia sat down, she had never learned to break any seals at all. But then again, she did know some rules of magic - powerdraining seals for instance needed direct contact to actually drain the power from a being.


She looked around, her eyes fell upon a small stone. What if she threw that at the seal and saw what happened? So she did, she picked up the stone and threw it at the seal, in a small arc.

When the stone hit the seal, it shattered into hundreds of liquid pieces.

Huh? That shouldn't happen... Aigenia thought. It should bounce right back... I didn't even put magic in the stone...

Even though it was weird, Aigenia walked slowly forward, and picked up the Diary and the quill.

Now, let's head back to Tiwo...

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Nice so far. Two things to watch out for:


1) Is the name of the lead character Filgana or Aigenia?


2) I'm pretty sure "You do believe in magic, don't you?" would be a fairly silly question to ask, since magic is quite common in the Lands.

Something like "You have heard of teleportation magic, haven't you?" would be better - since there could very well be different branches of magic that people are not all aware of.


Keep on writing, Geelef!



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K, thanks for the hints, Filgana was my first idea for the name, kinda messed it up later :S

I'll post some more tomorrow, haven't got too much time right now...

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Aigenia put the Diary and quill into her bag, and took out the map that Tiwo had given her. A small red cross indicated the cave Tiwo was waiting for her, a blue circle floated over a small island, a few miles east of the cave.


The map still in her hands, she started walking east, and immediatly she noticed the blue circle moving over the map, the same way she went.

Aigenia smiled, for Tiwo had certainly given her quality goods.


When she reached the shores of the island, she hesitated, how far would it be to the mainland? It was hard to say, the map didn't even indicate land or sea, just the cave, some buildings and herself.

But she wouldn't be stopped by a little bit of water, and after a little bit of thinking, she put the map in her bag and waded into the water.

It was cold, it was almost like a hundred needles were stinging in her skin, but she went on, a determined look on her face. After a few yards, she couldn't stand anymore, and started to swim, her cloathes heavy because of the water.


How far was it? She couldn't see a thing, the salt water made her eyes hurt. A few times she could feel long, slimy fishes swim against her legs and arms, but a kick always got rid of them.

She was about to give up, give in to the cold and depth of the water, when she felt land below her feet. She stood up, finding that the water was only a few inches deep again. She managed to drag herself onto the shores, were she fell asleep, wet and tired as she was.

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geelef it is nice that you are bit more active now and write again :D:D:D but when can i meet you in game? i really miss you :D:cry::cry:

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Hehe, when I've got my new comp, which'll be tomorrow with any luck. My old one crashed two weeks ago or something, ruined the motherboard and processor 0.0 Now I'm stuck with this piece of sh*t, can't run EL with more than 2 fps shamefully...




When Aigenia woke up again, she needed some time to remember what had happened the day before. It slowly came back to her, and along with the thoughts of the icy water, a cold shiver ran up her spine. No wonder, her clothes were still drenched, her hair still soaked.

She changed her shirt with embroidered familycrest to an old brown one, her black pants made room for faded blue ones. She put her long hair in a ponytail, after she'd let it dry in the sun for a bit.


When she was ready, she set off to Tiwo again. She was walking through the forest she'd seen the wolves in, when she heard something in the bushes to her left. She stopped to look, but the bush was as quiet as ever, so she walked on.

A bit later, she heard something stir in the leaves to her right. This time, she walked towards the spot where she heard the noise, and when she swept away a few leaves, she yelled like she had never done before.

A pair of red eyes looked at her, a dark skin covered the bony skeleton of the beast she saw. It looked like a wolf, though it was much bigger and it looked like it had lost all his fur and someone painted the skin black.


Aigenia ran, she ran away from that horrible beast, into the forest. If only she could reach Tiwo before that thing caught her. She heard the feet of the wolf hitting the ground, its breath rushed through the air like a hot gust. Terrified, she looked behind her how far it was behind her.

Her eyes widened as she saw that not one, but four beasts were persuing her, and she could hear more of them running towards her through the bushes.


Panting, she ran through the forest, away from those evil creatures. No, she wouldn't be killed now, not when she was so close. She had lived a life only to find it, those beasts would not destroy all the work she had done!

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This is really good, G! Keep on writin'!

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Lyn just keeps on saving :) there'll be more on this story this afternoon (well, my afternoon), I kinda forgot about the whole thing... :unsure:


Gonna re-read it, then come up with more stuff. After I've gotten home ;)



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She ran over the road, the cave in which Tiwo was waiting for her was just around that turn, she just had to make it. But she tripped over a small rock, slamming her body into the dry dirt. Her head hit a tree and she blacked out.




Blue light... No wait... Red...And yellow... Screams...


Aigenia could only see vague blurs and alot of black when she tried to look around her. Where was she? Still in the forest? With those fearsome creatures?


The thought of the black wolves which had hunted her brought her back to her senses. She opened her eyes, ignored the pain in her head and stood up, still groggy. Everything was surrounded by a red blur, when she put a hand to her face she felt blood running down her cheeks. She wiped the blood out of her eyes and looked around once more.


The wolves were still there indeed, but they didn't pay any attention to her, the only thing those ugly beasts were interested in was a mage in long red robes, wielding a blue shining sword, fighting the vicious creatures. He seemed to be a good match for the wolves, for he had wounds over his hands and face, his robes torn where claws had tried to rip through the thick material.

But his the blue light of his sword was dampened by black blood dripping of it, and every time the mage hit a wolf with the sword, more blood trickled onto the ground.

The blade seemed to be enchanted, each cut it made lit up before the flesh directly around it scorched away.


Aigenia shook her head, she had to help that man! He'd saved her, and she was just standing here, watching while he was fighting of four of the most feroscious things she'd ever seen.

Although she didn't have a sword, she did have a small knife she'd been given by her father. It was enchanted by a traveling mage to poison everything it touched.


She took a quick glance at the runes carved into the blade, which were glowing faintly green, before she charged the nearest wolf and struck it right in the back.

The creature let out a cry of pain and surprise, it hadn't suspected a stab from behind. It slowly turned around, its red eyes fixed on Aigenia. Aigenia backed away a step, the wolf moved along, clearly suffering from its poisoning.


Aigenia, encouraged by the thought that these creatures were mortal, threw her knife at the beast, hitting it in the left eye. The creature let out another howl of pain, this time ending in a mournful cry when the wolf realized its death was upon him.

Aigenia pulled out the knife from the dead body, and returned to the fight. The mage had also succeeded in killing one of the wolves, and was busy finishing of his third, so Aigenia faced the fourth, cutting its side.


A terrible cry to her left told Aigenia that the mage had killed his wolf, but she was still struggling to keep out of reach of hers. She backed of a little each time the wolf set a step towards her, knowing that if she'd try to cut the wolf, he'd go directly for her arm. She looked in fear as the wolf bent a bit through his hindlegs, getting ready for a jump, but the mage's blue sword also made an end to the life of her opponent.


"Thank you Aigenia," a familiar voice said.

"Tiwo?!" Aigenia asked in disbelief.

The mage nodded. "Didn't recognize me, did you?"

"No, not really, you're wearing different clothes," Aigenia answered, still panting, "And you've got blood running all over your face. I couldn't see it."

"Well, you're bleeding pretty good too." Tiwo said with somewhat of a grin.

"Me? Ah, that's nothing..."

She put a hand to her head.

"Darn," she mumbled. "That's more blood than I thought..."

She sat down, suddenly very tired. She heard Tiwo say she had to hold on, then everything went black again.

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Very good story. Is there going to be any more? I found a few small errors you should fix:


story on [tho] her daughter -- to

until it reached the ears of [Filgana.] -- Change to Aigenia

your [grand]grandmother that her husband -- greatgrandmother

[gonna] aid you in [yours] -- going to (too new) :your's:

magic - [powerdrainging] seals for instance -- powerdraining

smiled,[] Tiwo had certainly -- for *or* as

she'd let [them] dry in -- it (hair is one object)

wolf [realised] its death -- realized

didn't [recognise] me, did -- recongize


Stuff with an astrick is the commands, like *delete* or *or*, when you should choose. Stuff in parenthesis are comments.

Edited by freeone3000

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Thank you :P There's gonna be more of course, i'm thinking of what's going to happen next... :P


Thanks for the list of errors too, but i think 'yours' (going to aid you in yours) is correct, the ' would suggest an abbreviation for 'your is'. But maybe I'm overlooking something, English isn't my primary language so I tend to forget little rules :P

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Hold on!


Don't you dare dying on me, Aigenia!








"What happened? I don't remember. How did I get here? Strange place, all that white... But how did I get here anyway?"





Yes, that's it, open you-





"Huh, what was that? Maybe my imagination. Where am I anyway? What happened? Oh yeah, I've fought some wolves... No, not wolves... Hmm... And there was a mage... I think I knew him... Weird... He knew me, that's for - hey wait a minute... Who am I?"


"You're Aigenia."


"Huh? Who's that? How do you know who I am?"


"I am Aluwen, Goddess of Life and Truth.

I've send one of my priests to get a Diary, but he failed, and to protect others against that Diary, he put a shielding spell around it, which I broke when you threw a rock against it."


"Yes... I think I remember that..."


"Good. That Diary belongs to you, descendant of its writer, that's why you can keep it without going mad.

I have one thing to ask of you, you must bring that Diary to my priest in Treetown, Tirnwood as you might call it."




"So I can drain the magic from it, and your people will be able to read and learn from it. It's important that you remove the fog yourself, so your people know it really excisted."


"Okay, I'll do that."


"Good. I'll send you back now."


"Send me back?"


"Yeah, this is just your spirit, your body is still trying to recover from the attack."


"Where am I now then?"


"Till we meet again, Aigenia."




Aigenia? Aigenia!


"Oh, my head hurts..."


"Of course, after such a fall. Welcome back though, I almost gave up on you, your body was starting to get cold already."

Tiwo smiled at the girl, he'd been taking care of her for days.


"Yeah... Aluwen called me to her, so sorry I made you nervous."


"Aluwen? Then you really are the chosen one..." Tiwo said. "Did she give you a quest?"

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"How do you know that?" Aigenia asked.

"Well, Gods don't show themselves without a reason, either you've done something really good, or really bad, or you've got a big task to complete." Tiwo answered. "Believe me, in my young days I've also been called to Aluwen, she set me out for a jewel Mortos had stolen and hidden from her, in return I asked her to keep me young. She made me stay about fourty though, it looks better."

Tiwo smiled softly. "Yes... The most Honest one. She really loves life at it's peak."

His eyes turned a bit more blue-ish as they already were, his thoughts obviously going back through time.


"Tiwo?" Aigenia carefully asked after a few minutes. "Tiwo, can you help me with my quest?"


"Huh?" Tiwo stared at Aigenia, as if he didn't know who she was.

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking. What did you say?"


"I was asking you if you could help me with my quest." Aigenia said, smiling at the old man.





I'm sorry, I know this is way to short, but I'm just too tired to write more atm... I'm really busy this week, I don't know if Ill have enough time to write a bit more on this story...


Hey, I know, how about a little misc story I wrote for EL's main plot a long time ago? It'll need some editing ofcourse, but I'll put it up here somewhere. It'd be more a myth then a historical story, but hey, who cares :P

I'll put it under "Two Worlds".

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Heh... long time no see...

I just tend to forget falling on a snowboard at highspeed isn't a good idea, especially my wrists seem to hate it :s So, sorry.

But I hink I'm just gonna go on with this one, my second just-not-good-enough-to-make-it-as-official-piece-of-work :angry:






Tiwo nodded. "Sure, that's what I intended to do in the first place."


"But Aluwen just told me I had to -"


Tiwo raised his hand to interrupt her. "I know, but this 'new' quest is just a part of your main purpose in this world, to do the the sole thing your grandfather tried and failed to do."


He offered Aigenia his hand. "Come, let's get going."

Aigenia took his hand in hers, and let the man pull her out of her bed, making her a little bit dizzy. She stood still for a moment, mumbled I'll be allright. and looked around her once more.


The cave was just as dark as the first time she'd seen it, the small fire only lighting the entrance. She searched for her clothes, changed swiflty into her traveling outfit, then started to pack her bag.


"Just take the few things you really need with you." Tiwo said silently. "We'll travel fast, food can be found everywhere, magic will cure your wounds and keep you dry. Weapons and some tools are the only things you'll need."


Aigenia nodded, put down her bag, rumbled through it to find a small box with some enchanted crafting tools which she put in the pocket of her coat, then looked around for her magic dagger.

She found it under her bed, next to a sword and a staff, both engraved with magic spells.

"Those are for you", Tiwo said. "I made them while you were resting."

Aigenia looked up at her new friend. "Thank you," she said sincerely, "thank you so much, but I don't really know how to use them."


"You'll have plenty of time to practise along the way." Tiwo said with a evilish look on his face. "Since you'll also need to learn how to use magic - the real magic - we can combine these things quite easily."

Then he turned around, walked out of the cave, into the woods, followed by Aigenia, who was wondering what in Aluwen's name Tiwo could've meant by that.

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:D:D *claps* i like two things i see here :P i like to see new parts of the story and i really love to see friend coming back :D

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Unfortunatly for Aigenia, Tiwo's little prophecy came true.


Two days after they'd left the cave, Aigenia already practised with her sword, trying to hunt down some little and harmless rabbits. Although they didn't pose a real threat to her, Aigenia did learn the best places to land a sword, and the easiest way to wield it. Even though the sword was as light as a feather because of the spells Tiwo cast on it, the same spells required another sort of strength to push the weapon in the right direction.


The second day, they came to pass a snake. Aigenia saw it, then ignored it because she knew the snake was poisonous, and she didn't want to risk getting badly injured so soon.

But Tiwo, showing that same odd grin again, lay a hand on her shoulder. "It's just a little snake, what harm could it do to you?"


Aigenia instantly came up with a hundred of reasons why they could better just leave the snake alone, but just sighed, as she knew Tiwo would always have a better reason at hand to attack it anyway.

So she drew her sword, and swiftly let it land just an inch behind the snakes neck.

"Very nice," Tiwo mumbled. "Though I'd like you to do it again."


Again? Aigenia was perplexed by that question. When she turned around, she saw that the snake was right alive again, its decapitated body had grown a new, maybe even more ugly head as before.

"What the -?" she uttered, but before she could strike again, the snake shot towards her, biting her just below her left knee.

Aigenia screamed, then rapidly hit the snake again.

She turned around to face Tiwo.

"Will this do then?" she whispered, her vision blurring.

Tiwo nodded. This is the best way, believe me.

Then Aigenia fainted because of the snake's poison, still wondering what Tiwo though he was doing.


A few hours later she woke up, transpiring. She called for Tiwo, who answered from her right side.

"You're safe now, that snake was my doing, but for a reason. You should practise your magical skills. And I found the best way to do that, is to try it on yourself the first time. Nothing can go really wrong that way."

"Oh, you little -" Aigenia grumbled. "You did the same to - to"

"Yes, I did indeed. Though I stabbed him in the leg. Here, wait a second."


Tiwo held up a ball of pure, pulsating energy. At Aigenia's shocked look he simply said: "A sigil, what'd you expect?" before he lay it on her chest, and gave a punch on it. Aigenia could feel the energy flow through her body, this was something completely new to her.

Then Tiwo held up another glowing ball. Althouh this ball seemed to be less powerful than the sigil Aigenia just saw, its center was still too bright to look at.

"And one Health Essence for milady." Tiwo smiled softly when he said it.

"Try to heal yourself with it, it shouldn't be too hard."

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I'm glad to see you are back :) I'm the new storylines editor and I was hoping to hear from you. Would you be able to send me this via email? I would like to add it to my files as I try to sort all these stories into their appropriate niches. :ph34r:


I'm slowly but surely going through everything and getting the preliminary edits done as well as adding them to the timeline. PM me if you like and we can coordinate on it if you are interested.



Chariste :)

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