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Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

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On 25/11/2019 at 8:14 AM, piiia said:

Hello Wizzy 

hey all,


LE-team would like to start the contest on wednesday, nov 27th, at 8 pm CET (GMT +1)


Im sorry for not telling this in other time zones, my friends know that this will just lead to a chaos! 😂




Hi Piiia, I am sorry to say, my work schedule will not co-opearte to do this today. 


How about Sunday at this time?




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Ok, SO sorry LE- team could not get it all together to complete. But We are onto the busiest season of my year, and I can't wait any longer! 



Achievement Badges    Bacon: 66     AFK:  70                                AFK 1 Point


Scavenger Hunt              Bacon 10m:45s       AFK:  10m:47s         Bacon 1 Point 


Ida Mines                         Bacon 1h:21m    AFK 1h:21m                   Dead Tie


Bethel                                Both Teams complete

Sedi                                    Both Teams complete

Hurquin                             Bacon Neno complete                               AFK Neno complete, Bada Damaged   AFK 1 point


Invasioner challenge      Bacon 1 Point  (Invasion token)               AFK: 1 Point (Rig)


Fruit Basket                      Bacon 3                                                       AFK 4                          AFK 1 point 


Summon challenge         Bacon Beaver:1 Polar Bear: 2  Fluffy rabbit:3               AFK Beaver:1 Tank rabbit:3        Bacon 1 Point 


Invisible Rat                      Bacon 1m:05s                                   AFK 1m:07s              Bacon 1 point 


Potions                              Bacon 6                                                AFK 8                      1 Point AFK


Mount Sorrow                  Bacon 6m                                             AFK 12m                 Bacon 1 Point


Red Dragon                      RD complete                                  AFK had a KJ ring         AFK 1 Point 



Grand Total          AFK 5                          Bacon4


Winner Team AFK...... by a NARROW margin.


Congrats to all that participated. It will be hard to catch you all online at the same time, but there are prizes, so pm me ingame! 


Characters are unlocked and you can do with them what you please. 









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