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Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

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Are you up for a challenge?????


To participate you will need to start a new character from scratch and include your team name in the naming of the character. (Example  New_Wizard, or Sia_Fighter)


You character can only trade with the members of your team. You are not allowed to trade with your alts, or main, you are not allowed to trade with bots,  (including bag trades) However, you can trade with NPCs  found in eternal lands. The player owned NPCs are also not allowed to be used. (I will ask Radu to monitor this.  (Mod team will be checking logs and cheating will result in punishment to your whole team, so don't cheat!!)


Edit: PK killing another player for their drops will be considered bag trading for this event. So you cant just pk your buddies alt for his stuff..........oki




Shop Sales are permitted only for the following items

1) Vanity Clothing

2) P2P races

3) Rostogols, Bindings and Enriched Essences

4) Horse Whistles


This is a team event and the rules (are not so simple)


You will have to form teams of 5 people. Each team requires to have 1 person with each title


1) Fighter

2) Mage

3) Ranger

4) Summoner

5) Engineer


It is also highly recommended that characters specialise in a skill as well, as there may be challenges of then just fighting such as

1) Manufacturing

2) Crafting

3) Potioning

4) etc


Edit: Question from player "Can we pickup bags that spawn in maps,  such as Merc in NCA"      Yes you can.

        Question from player "Can we log in on each other characters"   Yes, you can use each other characters to prepare for event if you choose.

        Question from player " Can we use an existing guild we own for the event"     Yes you can

        Question from player " So for the halloween event, its allowed to help with your main for novac?"     Yes, you can ask a friend to help you with Novac,                                                   or use your main. 

       Question from player " Can we pick up death bags we find?" No, too easy to cheat, only your team mates death bags.




RULE UPDATE!! An Outline of the event will be posted on Halloween Night! (October 31) 

Participant characters will be locked just before this happens and will stay locked until it is time for your team to do the event.  This is to ensure Everyone is on the same footing and there will be no big advantage from going first or last in regards to your storage and preparation.



You have until Halloween weekend to build your 5 person team, and your characters, and your storage's and we will have an invasion event where each team will have to complete a series of UNKNOWN challenges


There will be prizes, glory and FAME for the wining team! 


(If you would like to donate items and gc's to the prize pool, contact me in game)


Please post below your team name and names of those on your team.  Thanks


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Prize Pool (updated)

10 Invasion Tokens

2 10% Shop Cupons

2 Horse Whistles

3 Binding Stones

1 Day of tailoring stone

1 Grape


6 Ench Sun Meds

1 Ench Uni Med

1 Crown of Life

1 Red Royal Cape

2 MoL

5 Harv meds

40 ACP

6 Enriched Life Ess

5 Halberd

10K dung

1 Serp Stone

5 Scythe

2 Orange

1 Rostogol

1 Iron Broad Sword of Ice


2 EFE 

1 Enrichment stone

6 Gather Med

25 Spider Summon Stone

25 White Tiger Summon Stone

25 Armed Orc Summon Stone

5 Walock cape

5 Exe cape

3 Camo Cape

3 Fast Regen Cape

1 Radioactive Rapier

1 Staff of Protection

5 pear




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EVIL is complete 


EVIL_Mage- Senzon

EVIL_Ranger - Alphabet

EVIL_Engineer - Xyleon

EVIL_fighter -Wakko

Evil_Summoner - CherUT



Edited by CherUT

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LE Team

LE_mage: panzerfaust

LE_engineer: Piiia

LE_summoner: Elg3neral

LE_ranger: Alpina

LE_fighter: Samsemilia

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Team AFK is complete.


AFK_Mage:             Riptide

AFK_Fighter:          Kaddy

AFK_Summoner:  BioBoosterBob

AFK_Ranger:          Aisy

AFK_Engineer:       WeaverDAS



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