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As the much loved service from greypal is down now for a few weeks i am planning to create a website that will cover the hole created there and will make one place to check again. My plans so far is to create a page where all tradebots can be found if the owners want. (for el-service.net bot owners that would mean setting the right options in the web interface) for the others bot owners i am thinking to set up soon a file format that their bot need to produce on some website so it can be grapped regularly by the website. it will basicly follow the format used by greypal earlier. so if you had setup for him it should work if i get the urls.

But i am thinking about going one step further, and if there is a demand would setup a page where players can set up what they want to buy and sell in game. so it will be found too. If there is demand for that. I would love to hear your input to that.

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Greypal's site is back up again since a few days.

Of course, Greypal mght be glad to get a reason to retire his site...


Player pages: how can you make sure the info there is reasonably up to date?

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