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Problems when my computer crashed

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IMy computer lost power when playing.

When I tried to log on again were I sent to the new player login, with choose language (never seen that before) and the rules.  Even if I closed this and tried again, could I only log in this way.

Ingame were most settings reset - all windows opened in left top corner, green health bar over the playernames where I used to have numbers. Lots of other things.

Quantity on inventory were set to default - only thing left as as I had  before were itemlist  and manu lists.

The zoom out/in and tilt angle were changed too, a pain I had the same for years and dont remember the numbers.


When I log on another, not online when the crash happened, everything is reset too even if I changed back to what I used to have and are still online whith the first.

A 2nd online are usually copying the setting on the first. 


My question is now, why did it happen now, I loose very often internet connection without this problems.

Anything I can do next time ?

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The problem is due purely to the power loss:

normally the client saves an "el.cfg" file in your "server" directory ('main' normally). On

a power failure, that files isn't saved, or it can get corrupted.


When that file isn't present, or corrupted, EL starts "as if" you are a new player,

with show of the rules and language choice.You'll have to go through that, correct your

setup, and exit EL to save that file.


I'm not sure if it is safe to use an older version of the el.cfg, perhaps a dev can help there.


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