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Some questions & request for unban birnemaja

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i stopped playing around ten years ago, to much to do in rl...

I remember i was lvl att/def with feros/chim/yetis at this time, to get ready for the giant.

After ending the game, i gave my account to one of my guild members(no contact anymore. he was much better than me in att/def, so i think no need to play this char); i think for some guild-reasons or so and one of my friends(also guild member, he has/had his own account. still in contact, but he never played my account).

Now(some days/weeks/month ago) i tried to login; and nothing happens :(

I would enjoy wasting my time again by kicking some giants...


So to make it easier,  i  number my questions:

  1. can you tell me plz, why this account is banned?
  2. and when this happened?
  3. is there a chance to get my account unbanned?
  4. you also hate lists like me?


thx for your time

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