Heya all,
Searched for a few queries but did not find any.   For all  those years, we had only 2 great options as helmets - col and holam's. What I suggest is to add Ice Dragon Helm of Life and Mana and Black Dragon Helm of Life and Mana. I suggest to add a NPC where it can charge you like 10-20k whatever it is and takes a rdholam and gives you either ice or black, with the same protections or lets say +2 cold for ice and +1 cold +1 fire for black. So we can at least use some other looking good items for our helmets because imo Black and Ice helms look much better.   Since the items are already in game, a simple server update would be required only with also a NPC to do the trade (let's say heavybeard or tankel).   What do you guys think?    -Kaddy