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Phone upgrade, was actually a downgrade!!!

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Hi guys!

This is the story of my life... I used to have a crappy LG L80 that recently died (RIP), it had a 800x480 screen that looked like this:



After it died, I bought something slightly better, which was a Huawei Mate10 Lite, that has pretty good specs when compared with others the same price, including a 2160x1080 res display!  And then I thought, I'm gonna try Eternal Lands in this! It must be a lot better is all aspects than before... And then, I see this:


(Sorry for the typos and the lazyness of not going back and correct it!)


After changing some settings, I went for a quick test run... and...game_screen.thumb.jpg.eb5cbcf0c7b112f965cd9bc09b3a46ec.jpg


These are my font settings, even tho I don't believe the problem might be there...font_options.thumb.jpg.ed800a6253b92c5038e172622fc88a3e.jpg


Is there any weird setting somewhere that I can change that can help me reduce that gigantic font size? In the app or even in the phone global settings or something?



This was a fresh install right from the PlayStore of client version 1.1.1 and my phone runs Android 7.0 with a 2160x1080 display resolution






A solution for that would also be much appreciated ;)

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Hi, i had the same problem on my phone.

I had to go into phone settings and tell it too not run the el  in full screen mode.

That Fixed it right up

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Hi, sorry for your problems. At the time I made the EL Android version there were no crazy wide phones out there, so the interface scaling is done based on the height of the phone.

Regarding the small arrows in the settings window, you are not supposed to tap on them (unless if you can). You can change the value numbers by sliding your finger left or right on the value box.


Anyway, I will release a new version soon with this fixed.

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