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Android app thoughts

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I dont have a phone capable of running el atm but i have been using the android version on my 10inch tablet since it came out,  mostly as a companion device for when i away from mac


looking at the game from a phone point of view and regarding the launch on G'play store i wondering if it would do better if there was a phone version for screens smaller than 8 inch as well as the current version for 8 inch over.


in my opinion i think the control system for phone version would be better with two on screen thumb toggles left side for camera control right side for char movement or vise versa





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Actually i did play a litle with the android, and i must say what i would like is and way to toggle multiple touch bars

So you have 1 or 2 Buttons on the button where you can go between  Icon bars 1-3 which all have a set of buttons that are vital for the game play.

Then i would add button for Keyboard, special mouse clicks, options, minimap etc simple things you can easy do on pc clients but are frustrating on android

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