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New 1.9.5 "Little Things"

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Just a few things you won't really notice unless told, or you study my tab maps like a maniac... these are "little things" besides those already listed in radu's client update notice.



- VotD - The southeast fenced-in area (where Gerund is) can now be used as a manufacturing school

- VotD - The tombstone closest to KF (18,121), "eye" it for a dedication to Pookies.

- TG MS Garden - One now-enterable place that you couldn't enter before.



- Glacmor - One previously unenterable cave can now be entered (just a small insides)

- Hurquin - Two previously unenterable buildings can now be entered.

- Hurquin - The "Chapel of Knowledge" building inside the cave is now fast reading.

- Irinveron - One previously unenterable building can now be entered.

- Irinveron - The huge cave I add last time now has a second way to enter it, that is from a different map (so if it's invaded, you can enter there for the 10-second delay before attacked)

- Idaloran Mine - The 2 "pit" PK areas have been adjusted so the entire pits (down the ladders) are pk, parts weren't before. Safety only by leaving the pit. As well, the northwest "bad air" pk area now covers the full dark brown dirt area, instead of just a random spot in it. Safety outside of the dark dirt.

- Melinis - Summoning Academy - In the main hall, is a new dragon statue, "use" it to see a dedication to Bromber.

- Dung Portal - Due to Zirak changes, one of the Zirakinbar drop locations now drops in North Zirakgunda.



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