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Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps for 1.9.5

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https://maps.el-db.com/ <- NEW LOCATION!


Released today (July 12) - Version 1.9.5-02


- Darkening of non-walkable areas for much-improved mapwalking in places such as Bethel, Ida desert, and SRM Mount Sorrow

Example of Bethel:

- Is the map Single or Multi-combat? An "S" or "M" next to the BurnedMaps logo will tell you! (subject to server update change, though that is rare)



- Added names for named areas on topside maps. ("Tirnwood Vale", "Nymorq Wood", etc.)
- New circled "S" mark next to insides and such to indicate "secret" areas, thus no confusion as to why no entrance is shown to them. (may not have got them all)
- Improved coordinate lines



Minor changes:
- Other minor various legibility tweaks
- Trassian insides map was missing alphebetical identification marks
- Drop points for the teleport spots in C2 portal room to the back of the portal area now marked
- Marked KF as 130 a/d limit
- AA Lothalith Fortress - Moved an incorrectly placed sulfur mark.
- AA small secret (above the original black dragon cave on cave3 map) - the one that exited to AA pk area was moved in 1.9.5, and now exits where it is entered.
- Ida insides - One house was missing its alphabetical marking (AB)
- Removed new character screen map. It's never possible to use it in the client.

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Thanks Burn! I plan to download them today, the single/multi combat feature is soo useful.

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Maps will be moving.

I'm switching to a new website host, and have a new shorter domain name for use for EL stuffs.


It will probably be a few days, but there may be a short time that the maps are unavailable for download. Grab 'em now if you for some wtf reason haven't already. ;)

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Or it could happen today... and it has.




If you're bookmarking, change your URL to this. It may not be showing to all just now but should be in the next 24 hours.


The old URL will remain for a month or so.

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