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The Enchanted Dragon - PK Contest!

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Ok, after talking to PraXis and Caduceus, we decided to call the contest off. We wanted to make it fair for both parties. Hence such contest has never been done before.
There's been a lot of complains and frustration from quite large amount of people.
To say it simply-> It's best to call it off and in the future, do the different type of contest.


-PK- guild is doing something that's never been done before!

PK contest in Kilaran Field, where you have to kill the Blue Dragon which is gonna be protected by few people.


-PK- guild is going to summon a Blue Dragon by using a stone ( Yes, you heard it right :D radu approved ) and is going to protect it at all costs.


Date of the contest: 7th of january 2018

Time of the contest: 9:00 pm ( UTC +01:00 )


We will have a person ( turned into a bot so mobs can't attack it, or in allied guild for both guilds ) recording the contest, and the footages will be edited into 1 highlight video.


Every player that wants to fight- needs to either contact us in EL ( STX ,StouXy, Caduceus, PraXis ) or comment that you want to participate!




-The attacking team will NOT be able to smite summon.

- All attacking participants will be put into a same guild for contest duration.

-No engineering allowed. Whatsoever. No mines/bombs/wards etc... ( even for defending team )

What do we also know?

- At least 3 people are going to protect the dragon. ( if attacking team has more than 10 players, 4 people gonna protect the dragon )

- Contest will be 1 hour long, you have 1hour to kill it.

- Prize for winner(s) will be around 2 000 000 gold coins.

- The dragon will be in -PK- guild.

- It's gonna be TON of FUN :)


If the attacking team kills the blue within 1h. They win :)


Sincerely STX/ PraXis/ Caduceus



Peace out :medieval:




- Xeron

- Abarth

Edited by StouXy

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