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SiTu is recruiting

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Seridia Irilion Trade Union


SiTu is a Celtic Guild



Like all other guilds in the alliance, we believe the most important thing is to have respect for one another. We Recruiting from NOOB to Celtic Warriors and all different Characters.



We are a fairly laid back guild we have fun but we still strive for achievements.



We are helpful and all the officers will respond to your requests. Most of our members play in the 10a-11pm EST time frame. We are open to other time zones!



Our Alliance acts like one big guild.






Why join SiTu?






Seridia Irilion Trade Union has only a weekly time play requirement.



We realize that not everyone has the same amount of time to play, some of us have families and work, while others are students in HS and College.



Our goal is to have fun and help each other to get to whatever level they aspire to reach.






Anyone is welcome to join as there are 2 requirements 18 age restrictions for membership, and be less two skills at level 20, not including Harvesting, just pm Agrilles in the game or leave a message.



















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