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[Resolved] No sound in EL, no idea what changed (Linux)

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I don't know if it's a problem with me or a problem with client code somewhere but I seem to have lost my EL sound ability and have this message when I first log in:

[13:25:42] alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_NO_ERROR


In my Options Audio tab, the box for Sound Device is empty, as it has been forever. I use Alsa. Adding "Alsa" doesn't help.


I have sound for everything else outside of EL. An odd quirk to this is that there is one sound I've noticed that attempts to come through in EL, but sounds choked and strangled and is abbreviated, and that is the "eek" sound, which is ow01.ogg. I know precisely which one because I use it as a sound alert for certain pm's. :) When I play it alone outside of the EL client, it works fine.


Any suggestions? I have this problem in my normal client and in bluap's new scaling testing client. (I was hoping his would fix this but it didn't.)

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If both build are my static ones, it may be a library missmatch. The usual fix is to prefix the client executable name with the padsp command:

padsp ./el.x86_64.linux.bin.static

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alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_NO_ERROR



I run Arch Linux and encountered this error after downloading the new test client and running the 64-bit binary directly. After that, instead of running the binary directly, I launched it from the launcher script that comes with the game installation package and I got my sound back.


If you use the eternallands package from AUR, you can create a file, ~/.elc/el_client, that contains the full path to the binary. The el_client environment variable in /usr/bin/eternallands is set to its contents.


If you use the package from the EL website, you can replace the standard binary with an alternate binary in your chosen installation directory and launch the game with the eternallands.sh script.


While I'm not sure that this addresses Aislinn's situation, both of these methods resolved the same sound error for me.

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