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Item lists - unusable until the categories are selected in storage

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Item lists do not work for items whose category has not been selected in storage yet.

I've reproduced this using the standard Linux version and also the new testing client for Linux.


To recreate the issue follow these steps:

  1. Put some items from various storage categories in your inventory.
  2. Exit the game.
  3. Start the game with a fresh configuration.
  4. Create a new item list with the items in your inventory.
  5. Open storage and without selecting any categories (by clicking directly or storing items in inventory), try to use the item list to add additional items to your inventory.


What will happen is that the item in the item list will be outlined red momentarly and you won't be able to add the item into your inventory using the item list. After selecting the category in storage, the item list will work as expected for any items in that category.


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Thanks for testing the new client and noting this issue. However, this is the expected behaviour as the categories have to be learnt and are then stored. You should have seen a console message saying so "Note: storage categories need to be learnt by selecting each category.". If you are saving or copying a set of config files for a new install, you need to copy the "item_categories.txt" file too, to avoid this.

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