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IP banned

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hello there,


after some years in real life, i thought about spending some time in the eternal lands again.

but when i came back i noticed that my ip is still banned every other time. before i left i was told, that i havent done something nasty, the banning was because of someone else in my ip-range.

so my main character "piiia" was unbanned. but my alts were not.

would it be possible to unlock my alts as well?


"spooky" :lurker:


"knusperkeks" :wub:


my main problem is my wardrobe! i definitely need more space in my storage. and spooky and knusper got so many free slots!


thank you

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Just nitpicking, but none of your characters needs to be unlocked, as they were never locked.

That means, whenever you get on an IP that's not banned, you can play with all three characters.


What you actually need is whitelisting, and that's usually handled by Aislinn. Not sure if alts get

whitelisted, though (something about a limited number of whitelist slots available, I don't know if that's

still the case). Try contacting her in-game in about 12h (or any other day, the 'in 12h' is to give you an

idea when she is likely to be active, timezones and all that).

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