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What would be a good build for a "pure warrior" skills wise. So far I have attack/defense/physique/coordination (12,12,8,12). I also have level 16 harvesting and level 8 alchemy. I want to be a pure warrior but, has the means to be self reliant(able to create what he needs like armor and weapons).



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Not sure you can have such a build as higher level items need pickpoints in nexus:

orc slayer/halberd/titanium plate : artificial 6

RHOLAM: artificial 6, Magic 5, (Crown of life :artificial 5, Magic 5,)

SRs : vegetal 5, ... So that's 15-16 PP right there.


Then, you need to get your mixing skills to the required levels (man >70, craft >70,

pot > 30).


You alse need to be able to harvest (another 2 nexus for the silver for HE),

and you need to be able to buy from NPCs. So that would mean avoiding certain perks

(antisocial; harvester of sorrow, hellspawn, collateral damage). Another 26 PP you

can't get.

We are now at at least 40 PP less than a pure fighter.


In other words, there is no such thing as a self-sufficient pure warrior...

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