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ip banned

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Hello everybody


I am playing EL with charname "DeepDragon". Today when I tried logging in, the EL client showed that I have been ip banned (dunno why). I guess it might have been because I have been using vpn to connect to EL . I need to use VPN services to connect to EL server because I am currently staying at the grad school and here the isp has blocked certain ports( or whatever they are called) because of which almost everyone has to use a vpn service to connect to steam and other gaming websites/applications. I can connect via learner server but sometimes that works slower I request to you (Radu and Aislinn) to help me by removing the ip ban so that I can connect via the ip I was using. Thank you . Have a good day. :)





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OK, seems solved for now. You might end up changing IP's every now and then,

and if some of the VPN exits are banned, you can hit them...

And that also makes it unlikely they will be unbanned without at very good reason

to believe no more trouble will come from them (I'm not implying or suggesting you

were the troublemaker, but the banned IP has been the source of trouble in the past)

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