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I have been IP Banned.

Today I tried to guess a forgotten password to an old char of mine.

Im not sure but, reading the forum I would guess that is the reason I am banned.

I did ask #help_me how to regain my lost password to an old account, now I remember the name of it.

Silly me has been looking in the shop for password reset stone.

revi said I should speak to radu on getting my old char back and fee.

I had planned on sending a message next time he was online.

Currently I have 4 Characters. Plus my old char Winnie, which I had forgot about.


I can supply my email by message and characters.

I would really like to continue playing. And make use of the other characters I have.








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Yes, if you tried to guess the pass, and failed too often, you can get your IP banned.


And you were told twice to contact radu, and that you had to convince him that it is your character.

You still believe you could just buy a "password reset stone"?

(hint: what happens if e.g. I would buy one, and decide to reset the pass on the mayday character?).


Now you'll really have to wait for radu...

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Yes I did receive some good advise on forum and by moderator.

I do not make good choices.

I did not want to bother radu and thought I could fix it.

I am now in worse situation than I would be if I had contacted radu.

I regret my actions.

I want to fix it.



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