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New registered account name v's Old name change account.

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So Ive had this harvesting character for about 2 years.

I thought I had chosen a suitable name, one which reflects the type of character I wanted. A nice name which other players would easily identify me and my harvester being the same player.

All was going well at first. Then, total strangers would pm me, as if they were long lost friends.

'Hey, havent seen you for ages. You still selling flowers?'

'What? Do you know me? When have I ever sold flowers?

After a few more pm's like this, I stated that I was a new char, Ive never spoken to them before, they have me confused with someone else. Through the grapevine, I learned that I had taken on someone's old character name.

I had one disturbing pm, wanting sexual favors, pictures, details of some history we had together, which I cant mention and dont care to repeat. Yes, I did try to explain, told them to stop harassing me.

Well, you get the picture!


Recently, there has been confusion, within admin, in regard to: forum account of the previous person, other characters linked to the previous person, questions on how I came to acquire said char name, and a lot of explaining my situation.


My alt has brought nothing but bad luck since I got it, not being able to chat with it, due to previous owners history It is also a useless harvester at level 62 harvesting and never found a stone.


I really dont know what my options are, but to just keep playing it.


I think something warning new accounts, that the name has been used before and could have unfortunate consequences if you proceed with this name.








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Hi MayDay.


Simples, 2 options for you:


#ignore <plaername> of any community member who caused you offence.


Pay radu $5 for a name change.


Good luck



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or put on mercator

/mercator bio line1 Hi i am an alt of MAYDAY not xxx do not bother me with him

So people who do search about your alts name with /mercator about will get the notice too.

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