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need help out of fullscreen--mouse disappeared in FS

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Hi, I can't sign in due to my mouse has turned invisible in fullscreen and so I can't control it.

I tried feeling around but I am getting nowhere and I am very frustrated.

Is there a keyboard command to get out of fullscreen?

My mouse works fine outside of game and I know it is the fullscreen doing it...I had this happen before but I managed to feel blindly around and get out

but I am older and not quite as well as I was then and my reflexes not the same and I am getting nowhere trying that now.

I sure hope there is some way for you to help me get out of full screen.

I have really been enjoying the game and want to get back to it....




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Hello YethQ,


I'm sorry to hear of your troubles!


Please try opening the client, pressing alt and enter at the same time, then closing the client. This key combination toggles the "full screen" setting in options, and should take effect the next time you open the client :)

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An easy thing to try might be <Alt>+<Enter> (that's according to the in-game help... When I try it, it does not work as advertised, possibly because my linux OS eats it).

If that doesn't work, you might have to edit the el.ini file in the "main" directory (supposing you didn't do anything fancy to get a directory per character). Do this without any EL client running (for any change to work, you'll have to restart the clients; when you close the client, it overwrites the el.ini file)


There, you should have someting similar to :

#video_mode= 0
#full_screen= 1

For me that is lines 34 and 35.

change the "#full_screen= 1" to

#full_screen= 0

You shouldn't have to change the #video_mode line.

Save the edited file and start the client.



There is a simpler way: delete the EL.ini file in your "main" directory. But, that will also make you lose all personal settings (font type/size, sound volumes, ...)

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ty the alt + enter worked...I have no idea why I cant run full screen without losing visibility of my mouse but it does that every time I go into fullcreen....


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