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New Story:catagory_Legendmyth Title Legend of the Wolf_Lord

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http://www.angeltowns2.com/members/guardian/Lore.html you can view it here as well if you like for better readability. I hope everyone enjoys this let me know what you think :D


*Please note that this story was started before the First Quest was initiated in the game


" The Guardian Knight's, Legend of the Wolf Lord "

A Chronicle by TeoWolf The Bard.


"Good Sirs and Ladies, I am TeoWolf the Bard, I am but a humble servant of the warrior prince, Wolf Lord. If you would so let me honor you with my wise Lords tale sit back and rest as I Tell it to you now." (TeoWolf Strums on his harp, and clears his throat)


"The Wolf Lords name is not known, forgotten and lost to the antiquities of time he is known simply thus. But at the time when he did have a name, as a boy he was neither a prince nor a warrior, just a boy, but things change. Here is his tale, I'll Shall tell it to you now." (TeoWolf starts to narrate in a singsong voice, getting handsomely stronger and richer as he gets into the tale.)


"He grew up in the area of MorCraven Marsh It was, in the time of his youth some twenty-five years ago a beautiful land. There were rich golden beaches on the West side and beautiful plains and forested countryside too, cropped against a wondrous wall of mountains to the east so blue. That was all before the great change happened, before the evil mages came and desecrated the land now known as Seridia. The area was a rich and prosperous one; the winery to the south had (and still has I might add) some of the most rich and wondrous wine in the world. There were also the swamps and marshes that seemed unnaturally magically placed right down the center of land between the beaches and plains. These were other key aspect to the prosperity that MorCraven so enjoyed; alchemists, potion makers and wizards from across the land would come seeking some of the rare herbs and other ingredients. These that could be found so readily and abundantly in the area found. My Wolf Lord's father was one such Alchemist only he didn't travel to the land of MorCraven, he had lived there for a good many years of his long life.


Wolf Lord had a studious upbringing; his father trained him in the ways of potions and alchemy. My Lord he tells stories of how his mother taught the texts; of old and new, along with the crafts of sewing and domestic skills. One of the greatest lessons his mother taught unto him as a child were the ways of chivalry and etiquette both which proved invaluable later on in his life and now let's get on with the tale of our young warriors plight.


MorCraven was his boyhood home; his family lived in one, of the many village forts that now lay ruined. Wasted by the evil magic that has touched the land. He played as a child with the other children, getting into the mischief that only little boys can. It was his home and his memories of it sadden him now, too recall the way it was then and is now. At the age of five going on six his father received a letter from his uncle, an thus began the mighty Wolf Lords tale. Three days after the letter arrived Wolf Lord was on a ship, sailing to a new land and on a very dangerous trip…"


He vowed to his friends and self he did, that one day he would return, return to his boyhood home oh how he yearned, alas it is not to be, the world it changes too, just as a boy grows into a man the world still changes too…



"Upon arriving unto the land that would become his new home, he learned the reason for his father's swift journey, his uncle had called him to the Kings throne. The Queen and her Daughter were very ill and the King believed that they were cursed, by Gavaria a wicked witch that lived, on a deserted patch of earth. On an isle off the coast of this new Kingdom, the tale will turn but first the raison d'être for the journey.


Wolf Lord's father tried all of his skills and practices to nurture, and heal the Queen and Princess; in vain it is to be sure. Soon it became apparent to all, that the efforts were merely, prolonging the inevitable death it should be. The only one who would know how to break the curse would be, Gavaria herself so to the isle in the sea.


Wolf Lord's Uncle and father were members of a band, of the kings most trusted servants to venture to the island. Along with them went the Kings Arch Mage Giventuus… only the Wolf Lord's uncle returned from that journey.



The tale continues here with the Wolf Lord's uncles fateful return sick and ill on his deathbed he tells the tale. (A sorrowful tone our tale now takes, the ballads tone dose change)



"Giventuus betrayed us all that night, we were in the witch's study; we were searching for clues to end the queen's plight, oh that fateful night...


We had decided to avoid dealing with the witch, if at possible, it was our last wish. Aleric (mine Lord's father) came upon this book, and pulling it off the shelf, he broke a magical seal just look; cast upon in the room, Giventuus did nothing at all. He stood there watching as all hell; as all hell broke lose. Demonic creatures of all sorts appeared from nowhere, we were trapped save I alone in our own despair.


Aleric handed me the book and as he tossed a chair; out the window, he ordered me to return whatever the peril. I started to protest but he shoved me out the window. There was a ten-foot drop to the ground; I injured my arm and crown. When I landed, I got up and ran towards the boat falling many times, tripping upon a stone I started to become blind. Behind me I heard the sounds of the evil creatures doing their will; upon the helpless victims. The screeching laugh of the which it haunts me still…"




Wolf Lord's uncle passed out from his wounds, a friend of Aleric's came; to examine the book, as the healers tried in vain to revive his uncle. "The book is ancient, the symbols, difficult to decipher." The man did proclaim. Wolf Lord's mother Theresea started to ponder on the ancient texts, along with his father's friend, they tried there very best.


Wolf Lord's Uncle revives once more, to but finish the tale. "We had placed a seal upon our ship, or rather another of the kings mages had placed a seal on the ship to tell it true. Once I go to the ship I climbed aboard and kneeled before the glyph I recited the spells activation. The last thing I remember is seeing with my last site Giventuus and Gavaria standing together on the beach side by side and then they disappeared from site."


Theresea entered the room solemnly, knowing the presence of death she announced. "Their loss was not in vain, we may be able to save the princess, and the queen yet."



Wolf Lord's uncle sighed deeply in an almost contented way and fell back into the deep sleep that his wounds brought about in there own way, he never woke again."



My Lord he was lost in all of the confusion; he didn't understand, exactly what was going on, but he knew there was something wrong with his father. With so much going on the footsteps, of one little boy; wandering out of the palace were scarcely observed…



"We must do something." The King announced to his high council. The Mages seat was empty, the seat where Giventuus had sat time and time before.


"My guards are gathering as we speak sire. We are prepared to storm the island at day break." The king's high knight proclaimed.



"The alchemists are preparing all the necessary essences and other ingredients sire. If they work through the night and we use our hold's stock we should be prepared." The King's storekeeper announced.


Lady Theresea burst into the chamber. The King startled raised his voice slightly. "What's wrong Lady Theresea?"


"Have any of you seen my son?" She pleadingly asked on the verge of tears.



(The bard's tone takes on a tone of awe and mysticism now)



Wolf Lord set out to the island; the Kings palace was in such chaos the little boy gone missing was not immediately noticed. The guard towers near the entrance were empty as the soldiers prepared. The sentries were marching along the ledge above keeping a sharp eye out, into the darkness for any danger coming toward the palace, they scarcely took any notice of a small boy dressed in black; making his way out of the palace along the curving road.


When my master got to the vessel, which his father had sailed out on, he kneeled before the glyph and recited the words, just as he had heard his uncle recite it minutes before on his death bed. The ship began to sail away off towards the island. A ghostly magical hand guided it. Soon the ship touched down on the witch's island, my Wolf Lord knew not really what he was doing, only that this was the last place his father had been, to the young boy that was all that mattered; he climbed down from the bow of the ship and as his feet touched lightly upon the ground a misty figure apperated before him.


The figure was that of a lady, all in white. A very motherly figure so full of life and she held her arms out to him lifting him up. "What are you doing here my little one?"


"I've come to find my father!" My master replied in the stubborn matter-of-faculty way of a six year old.


"Do you know who I am?" The woman asked unperturbed.


"No." My master answered just that simple word.


"I am Aluwen the Goddess of all life, and I regret to have to tell father that your father died this night."


"Where is he then, do you know what happened unto him?"


"He is no simply no longer with us." The Goddess sadly proclaimed.


My master thought only for a moment then announced. "Please put me down, I'm gonna to go and see for myself."


The Goddess was shocked and amazed at this; the little boy piqued her curiosity that night. Sometimes children do the most amazing and stupid things, but this was truly a fabulous deed the child was planning.


"Here you'll need these." The Goddess announced. She created a sword and a pack of wolves about, saying simply thus she handed him the sword. "These Wolves will protect you from being gored. As long as you have that sword I will be with you, god speed on you journey my prayers are with you."



"Sire the ship is missing." The king's steward decried.


"What ship are you talking about?" The King asked angrily at having his search for the missing boy interrupted, over something so miniscule as a mere boat.


"The ship sire, the one the men set sail to the witch's isle on." The steward answered swiftly and stepped away.


The King thought for a moment, it couldn't be this day. "Elric, get the guards on the boats now immediately. The boy has gone to the witch's island where we should be."


"The witch's island?" Elric pondered out loud. He lost no speed in hastening the guards on after that. As the realization of what was going on did dawn. "Men get the word out the search here is done, it is time for us to be gone. Get every last man onto the ships, we leave, time for us to embark onto the sea."



(The Bard now goes into the storytelling part of the ballad,

some of the story is still sung while other parts are simply told)



My master staggered into the keep walking cautiously, and slowly as he moved the wolves encircled he. Smelling and tasting the air as they went, there purpose there was simple harm they were to prevent. They came up to about to his shoulders standing small, the wolves were huge, three times than he as tall; as any normal beasts they were twice as long, his protectors to the death, protecting he the weak from the strong.


Wolf Lord grasped the sword in his hand tightly, holding onto it as if it were the only thing keeping him free. His only protection from the evilness of the place, that he had entered his heart began to race.


He wandered around the witch's mansion searching for her study. He came upon a flight of stairs and wandered down them, two wolves in front and one wolf behind, his guardian knights protectors as he climbed. At the bottom of the stairs was an iron gate; behind it he could hear sounds and screams of pain and hate.


Wolf Lord pushed the door open on it's creaky hinge and entered into the torch lit orifice with in. There were skeletons shackled to the walls and some beast's entrails in chunks both large and small. There was one man lying on a rack torn in half. My master froze in his tracks. Only for a moment, then the skeletons came to life, and shaking their shackles free started towards him full of strife. The wolves pounced ripping the bony figures a part, to pieces shattering their bones into dust and shards with there teeth the evilness died it must. The great wolves shattered the skulls in there maws, chomping into the hard matter like a sharp mallet into a melon. In moments the skeletons were all but dust and my master stood there just beyond the point of throwing up, the danger and evil of the place entered into his mind truly for the first time.


There were screams and cries coming from farther down the chamber, my master accompanied by his heavenly guardians ventured further to see what the cries were about; and who they were coming from. Inside another dungeon he saw another devastating display of evil, humans, elves, dwarfs and other creatures he could not name all seemed in the midst of transformations, evil caricatures of there former selves. Some were younger than he himself was others there ancient as the land itself. "Aluwen!" My Lord cried out in despairing disgust. The Goddess in a brilliant flash of multifaceted light, came and seeing what he saw waved her magical arm before her, the creatures were changed from the evilness to heavenly before their very eyes. One of the transformed beast broke free of it restraints and charged the hulking door that enclosed them, the creatures all broke free and racing around the wolves and my Lord disappeared exiting the dungeon and mansion through every possible entryway, behind them leaving a trail of a rainbow as the magic shadowed there retreat.


"Have you seen enough yet child?" Aluwen asked.


"I still haven't found my father." My Lord replied.


Aluwen patted the wolves in turn on the head, healing there cuts and scrapes and nestling them tenderly she said to my master. "Very well, but you are seeing to much for any child to endure, I fear the consequences of your actions." She told him and disappeared once more into the abyss of the heavens from which she came.


My master headed back up the stairs out of the dungeon, it was time to search higher grounds into the mansion…



"We are ready my Lord." Elric announced to his King, the boats had been filled quickly and were ready to set sail.


"Good Elric, cast off, cast off I say." The King ordered worry evident in his voice. He put his arm around Theresea comfortingly.


"I just don't know what he was thinking." Theresea spoke softly.


"Nor I, but the priests have been paying homage to the gods, sacrificing and showing there devotions, the only request being made is for the boys safety, surely one of the Gods is listening…." The King answered soothingly stroking Theresea back and patting her shoulder.



My master searched the ground floor, finding naught but the charred remains of many rooms, one more ashen than the rest had many skeletal figures in it. It appeared to have been the study the men had been in when they were attacked, the wind swept in through the shattered window. Not a creature stirred in that room no a one, the carnage that he saw lay deep in his mind and he pondered for a long time afterwards which of the skeletal remains was his fathers. A new sensation grew in his young heart, it brought with it courage and lessened his fears. The hatred that burned in the young lad brought forth a calm rage and he surged on powered by the deep embedding emotions that coursed through his body like blood.


He walked up the stairs to the top level of the mansion, at the top he came upon an unnaturally long hallway, it appeared to have almost no end, he pushed forward drawn by an evilly sad cackle of a laugh. He followed the sound to the head chamber and upon entering in found the distorted form of Giventuus seated at an unholy thrown. The thrown appeared made from the bones of creatures both great and small and blood oozed from the bottom of the chair, it appeared as if the hearts of the creatures still pumped inside of the evil core that was the thrown.


"So you are the trespasser who's been roving around my mistresses castle. Not that I care, my mistress has left me for naught, offering her life to the evil gods she served so well." Lying on the bed was the cold dust-gray lifeless body of Gavaria, there was blood spilling from both her wrists, and her still body had breathed its last breath.


"I expected an army, to come, that I might honor the gods with the deaths of hundreds of soldiers, in place of my own." Giventuus cackled sorrowfully once more. "It appears that I was not as dedicated to there cause as my mistress, but it is no matter, your death must suffice…"


The Wolves attacked at that instant, one wolf held each arm and the last wolf held down his feet. My Lord stepped forward and taking the sword of Aluwen in his tiny hands he drove it through the evil mages heart. "Nooooooooooo!" Giventuus screamed as the damnation that he had brought upon himself over took him, he was on his way to meet the gods he had so disgraced…


Wolf Lord pulled his sword from the lifeless body of Giventuus and walked towards Gavaria. "Best not to let the job go unfinished he thought to himself." He pulled the sword up into the air and sliced the evil witch's body in half from chest to abdomen, the sword would not go all the way through merely slicing the body open to display the life concealed within. The body burst into flames where my Lord's heavenly sword cut through her and my Lord grabbed the unbirthed body from its womb.



My Lord hopped on one of the wolves backs and clutching the babe tightly in one arm to his chest, grabbed with the other hand the sword and the pelt of the wolf, he was bounded out of the building as the beast followed by it's brethren crashed through a window and landed safely away from the building.


He tells that the body of Gavaria incinerated unto itself and disappeared leaving only the flames of it exhumation in it's wake, the buildings evilness was set ablaze in this way and burned swiftly to the ground. In the Blaze he saw the angry face of the witch frowning down at him as if the flames burst forth a new evil, the frown turned to an evil grin as the face began to laugh…



"You have not seen the last of me. As long as my kind still exist, others will bring forth my figure to do the boded will of my Gods… I have not died, only through death in this world shall I and my master's will go on indefinitely." The evil face laughed down at him, and then in a flash of eerie purple light did the pure evil of the entire building burst into nothingness…


(the bards voice is low and solemn now, his words decrying the tail in a way

one would use if all the magic and life in the world would soon cease to exist)



Theresea had seen the flash from a far, fearing the loss of her husband, brother and son all in one day she jumped from the ship as swiftly as it landed and ran towards the site of the flash. She came upon her son holding a sword and a baby, nestled tightly by three huge wolves. The King and his men came hastily behind her.


Out of nowhere did the figure of a lady appear before them. "People of the New World, hear me now." The figure began. "I am Aluwen, Goddess of Life. I have heard you prayers and have answered them the best I could. There is a dark era coming; evilness shall soon spread across the entire realm. This boy is one of the first of the Guardians who will be all that stands between this realm and the evil that converges on it.


I did all that I could; alas he is still your son, but not your son anymore. A new title has been placed upon him, he is the Wolf Lord, his memories are hidden inside of him, and the knowledge he learned trapped there to be relearned as he is rebirthed into his new role. He will never again be the boy you once new, he is still that boy but now, he is more.


Lady Theresea, I am sorry for all of your losses this day, I wish I could tell you that the suffering will end and others shall not share your fate but there are evil gods being awakened and into this new age death and destruction shall follow. Your son is now the Wolf Lord, he knows you and loves you and hidden deep with in is the soul of the child you once knew. I need you to love him and teach him all that you can. His life will be a difficult one. In time some years from now his destiny shall be revealed unto you all, I shall return then and explain more but until then I entrust The New Wolf Lord unto you keeping…" The Goddess disappeared in a shimmering of light as swiftly as she had appeared.



My master grew up in the palace at the king's side; he grew up guided by the King and his warriors and counselors. The Wolf Lord was the same as any other little boy in many ways, but there was always an aura of power to him that made one respect him and wisdom that seemed to guide him where he should have had none. Many the times he and the princess had a lesson together and he would finish long before her or be levels ahead of her in the arts that they practiced together. The animosity of there childhood budded into the love of youth come of age, and many the time after that they were then seen wandering through the gardens in the moonlight, or hiding in the shadows as young lovers do…


The witch's baby grew up happy and healthy, raised by Theresea herself the child seemed a gift to replace the losses she had suffered. The babes name was Winoria and she was the opposite of her bastard parents in every way save one. She was extremely talented in the magical arts, an enchantress from a young age she breathed life into the world and used her talents to heal all around her. Shunned by some for her parent's crimes she was lonely at times in the world, The Wolf Lord and Princess her only pair of true friends the three grew up closely together. Winoria's Tale is a separate one but a part of her legend must be told here and now.



Winoria so cursed by her parent's legacy grieved much of the time, it was sad in one so full of goodness and life to burdened by a past she had no part in. She sought to renew herself on her eighteenth birthday. She along with her two friends stole away on a rowboat and set off to the witch's island. Once on the island she sat in the very center of the islet and in the exact place where the witch's mansion once stood she created a spell communing with the very land itself. The barren evil domain creaked and crashed as she worked her will into the land, the evilness was removed and in it's place life and beauty instilled. From the beaches inward the very soul of the evilness seemed to vanish as she absorbed it unto herself. The beaches came to be of golden rich sand once more and the barren charred ruins grew into grassy plains with large elder trees marking along the ground surrounded by flowers and gardens of the utmost beauty. She created a sanctuary in that place of evil and thus the Goddess knew the time had come.



From the very heart of the evil a sanctuary is born, should the evil of all the land be so destroyed who knows what great deeds can be done…



There was a wondrous celebration in the King's palace on the eve of my lieges Twenty-Fourth birthday. The celebration was supposed to be a prelude to the wedding ceremonies; the King having agreed to give his daughter's hand in marriage to mine Lord. The celebration was a lively one dancing and carousing filled the great hall, all the Kingdom was there, the children played in the halls and the elders of the town sat in balconies watching the festivities remembering days of their youth when they too had been carousing and celebrating as if tomorrow did not matter.


At midnight it happened. The torches all went out and a blue glow unfolded at the center of the room. The Goddess Aluwen came to be, vibrant as the music, as beautiful as the perfumes in the air smelt, shimmering along with the music that soon died down. She walked to the head table. The King, Theresea, Wolf Lord, Winoria, and the Princess were all seated alongside one another. "It is time." She announced plainly.


"Yes my Goddess. How may I serve you?" Wolf Lord replied, knowing immediately who she was.


Theresea gazed worriedly at her son, then looked to the Goddess. "Fear not Lady Theresea, you have raised him well. He is fit for the task I have for him, and he will have many friends along the way I am sure." The Goddess stated looking down the table and fixing her gaze on Winoria and the Princess.


"Wolf Lord, you must go home, back to your Home Land." She paused, now was the time to explain everything, and the peoples of this Kingdom's lives would be changed forever, just as they had been in all the other Kingdoms already. "At least" she thought, "They are being warned."


"Seridia has been overtaken by the evil gods who started their plot here. While you and your people managed to dissuade them for a short while from coming to this Kingdom, they have spread and Seridia was there starting point after this campaign fell, the land is ravaged and torn apart, the people there live in fear and wage war against one another for things that the evil gods have done. There are many dark warriors and magi there and creatures of evilness. The time has come for you and others like you to start waging war against the evilness that has taken over the land."


The Goddess pause now for a moment. "I gave you my sword once, do you still have it?" The Goddess inquired.


"Of course Goddess, I take it with me everywhere." Wolf Lord said standing up and displaying the saber at his side.


"That is the only gift I can give you to aid you on your journey. There are others like you, you must band them together to guard over and protect the innocent of the land. It is a great task I place on you, do you accept it?" The Goddess questioned.


"I do accept…" The Wolf Lord answered



And so my Lord did return, back to the land of his birth. Things had changed greatly in the twenty odd years of his departure and none of the changes it seemed had been for the better.



"I was at the dock in the middle of one of my many journeys when he perchanced to arrive. I had heard tell of a great warrior who would come to protect and unite the Kingdoms a fairytale told in the despair of the land I am sure, but I was keeping an eye out for this Warrior. I suppose it was his appearance that caught my eye; he had an air of strength to him and was dressed all in black. He stood tall and proud not looking broken and bent by the will of the land as so many others were now in our time. I asked him simply; because of his dark attire, are you in mourning good sir? I am but a humble servant TeoWolf the bard extraordinaire, I introduced myself."


"Aye sir, I am in mourning for the very Kingdom itself, I left this land some twenty years ago and it was the most beautiful countryside in the world, rich, powerful, beautiful in every way imaginable. I left from a flourishing dockside city and arrive here now at the same place only to find a torn up beach of desolation. The land was once Vibrant and beautiful now it is dark and run down. Mourning is not the word I would use, saddened and angered perhaps, mourning is to light a term." He spoke eloquently and as he spoke I saw a smoldering flame grow behind his eyes, his rage was unleashed for all to see, and he had not yet even seen the true devastation done unto the land, or any of the evil creatures that stalked about it.



I traveled with my lord for a short while; he was only just getting acclimated to the land as he called it. Relearning the ways of this new Kingdom, his old Kingdom. The one great surprise he discovered upon returning to the home of his youth, he found that the old blacksmith had taken over his home as a new residence along with his daughter. His daughter had some curse laid upon her which my lord sought to remove this was his first quest, the first step on his journey to tie his band of warriors together.


"What will you do now?" I asked of my lord.


"Now is the Time, the Guardian Knights shall be gathered and the Kingdom returned to its former glory, will you join me…"

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I'll be very honest with you: this is one tough story/ballad to read. It tried my patience quite a bit, and I don't think many people will have the tenacity to go through the entire story. It rambles on and on quite a bit. HOWEVER, having said that, I do appreciate that you tried a different way of telling a story (ie. balladic poetic form), and there are significant difficulties with that particular style. Kudos for trying it.


I'd like to suggest a few things, though:


1) For those paragraph/verses that are done in rhyme, I suggest you make it more obvious by italicising them and using [Enter] after each line instead of just a punctuation mark to show a break. eg. compare:


My master staggered into the keep walking cautiously, and slowly as he moved the wolves encircled he. Smelling and tasting the air as they went, there purpose there was simple harm they were to prevent. They came up to about to his shoulders standing small, the wolves were huge, three times than he as tall; as any normal beasts they were twice as long, his protectors to the death, protecting he the weak from the strong




My master staggered into the keep walking cautiously,

and slowly as he moved the wolves encircled he.

Smelling and tasting the air as they went,

there purpose there was simple harm they were to prevent.

They came up to about to his shoulders standing small,

the wolves were huge, three times than he as tall;

as any normal beasts they were twice as long,

his protectors to the death, protecting he the weak from the strong.


2) Six years old is a little too young, I think. If you really want to keep him as a child, how about 9 or 10 instead?


3) Watch out for grammar, spelling, and ESPECIALLY punctuation errors. With this particular style, you have to be careful about those.


4) Hmmm...the storyline would also be a little difficult to sychronise with what we've got now. It might be possible as a Third Age story...but difficult. I'll think more on that and get back to you...unless you can suggest anything?



After all of that, though, it's still an okay story. I especially liked the ending - the part about "reawakening" Wolf_Lord and finding all the other Guardians. That might prove interesting in the future. But, please, Wolf_Lord - a SHORTER ballad next time...please please please... :) :wink:



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