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The possibility for a "C3"

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In Channel 6 there was a minimal discussion in regards to a 3rd Continent. As unneeded as it is, I feel this could be a cool expansion to the game, and add some slight variation to the two continents there has been for years, also a nice high level area. This does require some time dedication, knowledge of the MapEditor, and consideration of placement of things, also the spawns, insides, and such for these maps. Also the sizes, and such.

I had an idea for this, I will now post this below in bulleted points.

  • First, we could have this as a mini-continent. 3 maps.
  • The names for these maps could be (and relate to what'll be there)
    • "Dragons Den" This is the "Red Dragon" map, it could be designed with a 'hellish' outlook. Basically lava, deteriorated ground, dirt, dark red rocks, dead trees (scorched), and fires everywhere. The inhabitents to begin with, would be Red dragons, DCW, Feros, and other high-heat suited monsters (fluffy rabbits, Cockatrice, MCW?)
    • "The Dark Lands" The second and middle map could be "The Dark Lands", this is where black dragons, and undead monsters could inhabit. This would be a nightmarish design. A dark map, sandy/rocky grounds, dead trees, and then the multiple dead monsters, basically make this a darker Nordcarn (in example of a map).
    • "Tundra" This is of course, where the Ice Dragons could inhabit. Along with colder monsters (ACW, Yeti, White rabbits, WT, etc.) This would be designed with tons of snow, ice, trees, ice rocks, burgs, etc.

Now, these are just some basic design ideas, and potential possibilities. We need mapmakers, size, and shape outlays or ideas. I can make these, as I have some experience with the mapeditor... But help is always nice! Please reply with your input and idea's, do you think this would be nice? How about some suggestions? Would you like this? Etc. Thanks!


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One issue with a new continent is the ICTPR spell. It would have to change to TP to a "hub" portals room that would contain TPs to each continent's portals room. So two additional maps are needed: the new continent's portals room, and the hub portals room.


In addition, new TP rings may be necessary (or at least helpful).

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Personally, I feel we have enough maps that are under used as it is.


While it would be a cool addition - i think the amount of time and effort it would take to make more maps that we don't use as often as we should, could be spent on other improvements.

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Agreed, a third continent would require too much time and effort.


It's not so much the map making in itself, if EatsAllLife (and other volunteers)

wants to do that. But those maps will have to be verified by radu, and tested.

Also, new maps require a client update.


And don't forget that those "3 maps on C3" will probably have insides as well,

so that's at least one extra map (probably 3 or more, if you want to keep some

space available for future additions/modifications).


Another point is the suggestion of dragons on each of the new maps. For

a long time, we had one spawn for each type of dragon. The 2nd red dragon

only came in game with the last update. Based on this, I don't think having one,

let alone three, maps with multiple dragon spawns each will be accepted.

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C3 "not happening" boils down to one simple thing: low player count.



The count is too low even for the current number of maps, leading to an (M)MORPG where you could technically spend days playing and not necessarily even see another player in the game.



More maps would just mean even more spreading out of players, which is not desired. Neither Radu nor Ace would approve adding new maps that would do that. Well, I can't speak for them, but I'd imagine...








[Disclaimer: While I've been handling the map work these days, approval of new stuff is still required from others... Ace for maps, radu for spawn and other server-related things, roja for graphics, Ace/Roja for storyline continuity.

What I post here is what I know based on prior discussions. I don't personally make final decisions of any kind, so that's not what this post is.]

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Few ideas:


Make another continent that have lots of cages which contains differents kinds of creatures/monsters/animals separated..(like an zoo :P);

Guarantee acess by that only per premium acess ($5 usd per month);

Acess ontly talking to a npc (It verify if you have the required item or something that make you diff and possible to enter);

New cages would be nice to train, hunt for loot..etc..

Creating it and setting a premium membership would help el develop at all and support programmers..?


That model of premium works in other mmrpg and seems decent numbers of players active.



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