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Ok that entire story with Norman and the rest was a nice break =D. Constrictions of a mmorpg is grand even more so is that which one cannot understand.


So here, I've come up with the idea (took me long enough) that no one likes a story that relates to real life, and twisted it into fantasy. (I don’t mean people around the world) It's more appeasing to use communal or local concepts and turn it into a game precept. ==== Sad but true. Such is the world of today. But tomorrow won’t come for a while.


Any way gonna go lodge up north and stuff so it might give me more ideas, the change in scenery. This is what I've divulged from my cranium thus far.



No in-depth story, nothing that requires too much thinking; as a rpg isn't a puzzle game even though its a descendant of a adventure game with is a descendant of puzzles.



Using the current tools I posses at my disposal I will write 2 concepts down. Tell me what you think and well go ahead...



Here is what you've probably read this for:


Concept 1:


Alchemy: Players use alchemy to forge holy sigils, much like regular sigils however they allow you to use faith instead of magic.


Armory: A cape...? Naw, Priests well most of them don’t wear capes, I think a cloak would.... ok I said current tools right so lets see...


Woo ok just had a idea, naw... I was thinking maybe reintroducing the old models well just the ethereal parts of it.


Concept 2: Story Concept


The story revolves around the player this time, instead of having to fight monsters and such or worrying about exp caps in religion, you get faith exp for every person you recruit into the religion and for every act that supports towards that religion. There is no sleeper just basically playing, and doing things to help people or harm people (Depending on the religion).


To die for =D. Not done yet but feeling a bit tired l8r.

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The way the player acts in the world is displayed in a sort of progress chart. Players receive medals and such for each major act the commit to. So lets say the player (Just an example) recruits 20 people into the religion then they will get a medal for such. Each medal is permy.


Meaning if your religion is on the darker side and your actions are on the good side, your faith will go down. (Max faith)


Well the medal thing is sorta lame come to think of it, seems a bit too plain... Maybe if you add the ability for other players to see what medals you have.


Medals aren't really awards they are just symbols of your actions.


As for the story part of it.


Instead of revolving around quests in the story, I'll just use a guideline of the story and basically show it there.



Player enters religion; the player goes to a temple and is accepted


(To be accepted into a religion you have to meet the standards by doing a given quest)


Player completes quest; each quest is different per religion


Player is introduced to the medal system; now the player can gain medals.



First part of the story:


This is a quest but its still part of the story, normally I can't type up quests but it’s loosely based. Wait nvm... I can't type it up O.o.


I'm a bit confused as what I can't do so I'll just do it.


This is a quest of twins. Basically all good adjacent religions, they are not necessarily good just not totally evil religions; get the opportunity to complete this quest for a medal.


If it’s any consolation I am not writing the details only the parts of this that have to deal with the story. (There are two separate stories, one for dark and light) But each story in the later portions begin to separate as the quests that you can commit to become slightly more specific or require certain spells that can only be cast from members of a specific religion.


The twins are basically the same in everything they do, the do everything the same and will not do anything different. However for some reason it disturbs everyone else around them. It also makes life hard on them because they can’t make any friends. They lead you to a old cave with some skeletons and such (You should all know) and upon passing the stairs you see a note that deals with the main story. (It’s a quizish note) Of course it has two meanings to it, just as there are twins. When you bring the note to one twin he will decipher something different than the other twin, giving them the courage to each try something different. But they need to find out what it is. (This part of the quest is optional and has nothing to do with the main story) However upon doing this portion of the quest your medal will read:


(Medal Symbol) Courageous Twins (Status; in this case Complete)


=D ok there

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