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Kilaran Field Invasion, 19/01/2017

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1. Monsters will be capped at 110 and 145. On the easy side (probably).

2. There will be an objective to get bosses: reach me in Carmien Manor after killing all monsters in 75 minutes from the start.

3. First wave will be in South Kilaran Field.

4. Second wave will be in Carmien Manor. However, I will make the monsters active and ready to be killed only after the first wave is cleared.

5. It is allowed to help between caps by healing each other. No magic or summoning allowed to attack monsters below your cap.




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Ahoy \o


Wow. That was SO MUCH fun!!


It seemed to me to work really really well too. In the 145 team we went ahead & killed whatever attacked and it seemed to be a really good team for working at the same pace through it all. As well as us there was the team for the other cap too. They were often mixed in with us & it seemed to me that no-one left higher mobs attacking the other group without jumping in to help out. To me it looked & felt like an multi-cap should be - different caps actually working alongside / with each other. Then the second wave was just the same - lots of fun, lots of helping & while I was personally enjoying it immensely it did look to me to be the same for all concerned & involved. The final wave of bosses was no less enjoyable and I saw exactly the same amount of cooperation between those that stayed that long. It was not just fun, but also a challenge. In all honesty, I think the challenge of it & the requirement to work together properly only enhanced the fun aspect of it all!

I had planned to be in bed earlier than I actually made it, but it was really enjoyable and I was having a great time so got swept up in it. Not saying that that is a bad thing at all though!!


I would offer some suggestions but realistically, what could I suggest? You are a lot better at this sort of thing than I would be so... yeah...


Top job, totally enjoyed every bit of it, keep it up ;-p

And of course, thank you for doing it :-)))




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