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Plague Bearer: Invasion-based event (10/12/2016)

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The event rules.


Start point: Isle of the Forgotten

End point: Idaloran

Maps affected: A variety of maps in Iirilion.


Conditions to win and get bosses: PK me before I reach Idaloran (it will be possible in every and each of maps I visit - for a period of 10 minutes each).



1. I will visit 11 maps and spawn monsters in them. They will be uncapped in the first map I visit (IotF) and capped in all other maps for a short period of time.

2. Starting with the second map I visit you will have 10 minutes time slot to PK me (I will be unarmed with a bit of healing potions to deal with random damage).

3. If you don't get me in this period I will uncap all monsters in the map and move to the next one. While moving you will not be able to PK me. I will use only regular means of transport.



If I am PKed before Idaloran you will get bosses in two maps:

1. Bethel --> capped at 120

2. Kusamura Jungle --> uncapped

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The planned route was:

IotF -> ISC -> GLC -> IRV -> ARS -> WVF -> KSJ -> ZRK -> PV -> BTH -> IDA


Alas, I got killed in GLC :(

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Great idea.


It created nice story- hunting for special boss to stop invasion. Simple and effective. From your recent invasions this one I liked best, it was exacly that kind of events that are missing, and I'm hungry for more.


Great job :icon13:

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