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Invasion in Melinis 19/11/2016

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Invasion rules (I can't be bothered to post in channel - too much effort):


1. 3000 monsters will be spawned. All capped at 6 or below.

2. After starting the invasion first wave of 600 monsters will be released. Every 15 minutes I will let another wave go at you. Each wave will be a bit tougher than prior one.

3. If you do not want to be smothered, you will need to kill them fast enough.

4. If after 75 minutes less than 50 monsters remain you will get a wave of bosses. Some will be capped at 140 for the less hardcore fighters.


That's all.

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Nice invasion and I am not a big invasion fighter for too many pick points invested in non-fighting perks and nexus.

Caught tail end of invasion and killed a few bosses and some invaders, about 100 total and got 100k gc in drops but no specials. Did use up 12 potions of action points, broke enhanced sun medallion, damaged titanium armor and used up lots of resources but fun. Should have skipped the blue dragon inside walls which unlike other mobs was not capped.

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